Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 4/10/2012: Pluto Retrograde; Mars Direct

It’s another day of Moon in high-flying, waxing philosophical Sagittarius, where the reigning need is to expand our horizons and express our opinions. Moon in Sag is great for profound debates, a walk in nature, a night at the theater — any activity that offers a change of scene, lifts our spirits and broadens our minds.

With no exact lunar aspects during business hours in the U.S., there may be a slow feel to the day…like so much bottlenecked energy waiting for a release. Part of that bottlenecked feeling is suggested by aggressive Mars, still retrograde in perfectionist Virgo and moving even closer to nebulous Neptune. If you’re just tuning in to these forecasts, you can refer to posts from last week on how Mars and Neptune interact, and how it is reflected in the headlines. Keywords for Mars-Neptune connections include: charisma, showbiz, delusion, con artists, fanatics,irritability (especially with Mars in nerve-wracked Virgo), guru and a sublimely spiritual revelation. This particular Mars-Neptune connection is in effect all through April.

Ruthless Pluto turns retrograde at 12:21 PM ET.  When it does, Pluto will be at 9 degrees of Capricorn. Retrograde planets appear to be moving backward in the sky, as seen from Spaceship Earth. Here is a picture of retrograde motion, courtesy of someone at NASA:

During retrograde periods, areas in life that are ruled by the planet are held back and up for review. For example, Pluto refers to power plays, resources, perspective and transformation. Wherever Pluto falls in your horoscope; i.e, wherever you have 9 degrees of Capricorn, is where issues of power, resources, perspective and transformation will come up.

If you were born 8-10 days into the sign of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, you will feel this Pluto retrograde period more personally than the rest of us. What issues of transformation and empowerment are you working through — or toward — right now?

Ship it today if you can, or ship it Wednesday afternoon, as the Moon will be void-of-course from 7:05 AM – 1:02PM ET tomorrow. And get ready for action-oriented Mars to finally turn direct on Friday at 11:53PM ET, potentially releasing a truckload of pent-up energy its been sitting on since January 23rd.  Look for projects you’ve been dutifully planning and organizing to finally begin taking form. If you made significant life decisions born out of frustration or sudden impulse during Mars retrograde, especially those involving partnerships, you may find yourself rethinking your course of action in the coming weeks.




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