Friday 4/12/2024 & the Weekend: Catching up on the News, Post-Totality


Did you see the eclipse?  I was supposed to go to Maine to see it in its totality, but it was snowing in Augusta, and my flight was canceled. So I watched NASA’s coverage on C-Span as it made its way across the continent, starting in Mexico and traveling northeast. The boisterous vibe was so apt for a day driven by the Moon in Aries, with wildly cheering crowds and stoked scientist-commentators who gushed like teenagers.  I saw the moment of totality many times in many places.

Astrologers love this expression: “as above, so below.“ After the third moment of totality,  it occurred to me that the powerful spark of light that flashed each time the Moon completely covered — merged with — the Sun could be a metaphor for the spark of divine creation. And it was awesome and humbling, and also empowering to witness that spark, and see it as a reminder that we humans carry this spark, too. For more deep thoughts, check out this post by Robin Artisson on Facebook.  You’ll have to scroll down the page to find it, but it’ll be obvious when you see it, and worth it.

I am resolved to travel to Spain or Portugal to see the next one in person.

And now, the news.

Mercury turned retrograde on April Fool’s Day, just as Venus was about to meet up with Neptune at the verrry end of Pisces (which it did on April 3). Mercury retrograde reflects an increased chance of mistakes in transportation and communication. Venus-Neptune prominently placed in Pisces suggests a focus on women, empathy, food, victims. Moon was in Capricorn, focused on accomplishment — possibly at the expense of empathy.

The aid workers were with World Central Kitchen, the non-profit that famously provides food relief at disaster sites around the globe. We don’t have a birth time for Chef Jose Andres (WCK’s founder), but the 7/13/69 birth date makes him a double Cancer, with Mercury joining his Sun and Moon in the sign traditionally associated with nourishment. With Jupiter at the verrry end of Virgo and conjunct Uranus at 0 Libra, Andres is a prime example of the rainmaking potential of Jupiter (big —  in every digestible, small Virgo detail) when it expands on the lightning-in-a-bottle potential of Uranus. Now that the eclipses are behind us, the next big thing just happens to be the conjunction of  Jupiter and Uranus in Earth sign Taurus, exact on April 20th. Watch for stories of expansion, innovation and disruption in matters of food, real estate, possessions, pleasures of the senses and aesthetics.

Fun fact #1: in what we know of Bibi Netanyahu’s horoscope, we see a number of planets affected by the March 25 and April 8 eclipses, notably his Moon at 19 Libra. This eclipse will be activated by Mars right around May 25, so we can anticipate accelerated action for him, perhaps involving his popularity and shared values. This activation coincides with the first of three conjunctions of Uranus to Israel’s 23 Taurus Sun. Change in the air? A break for independence? An intensification on the the need to build material security?

Fun fact #2: these eclipses activated multiple planets in the horoscope of MAGA Mike Johnson’s apparent overlord. I think I mentioned that the March 25 lunar eclipse fell on the overlord’s Neptune, and there he was days later making news for selling bibles. Just two days after that eclipse was triggered by Venus, ruler of his 3rd house (of how he needs to think and communicate), the good folks at Duty to Warn are very concerned about his mental well-being. The solar eclipse opposed his Jupiter at 17 Libra, and we can all pause to consider that if Jupiter in a horoscope represents what we need as a reward, we can appreciate why Jupiter in Libra would whinge so much about things not being fair. Note that this particular Jupiter is in an exact trine to Uranus, so here is another example of the potentially spectacular luck a Jupiter-Uranus alignment may reflect.

Oh, now this is interesting. The April 8th solar eclipse is a repeat of one we had in April 2005…activated by Jupiter at the end of August. Guess what was caught on tape in September 2005? The infamous Access Hollywood tape. We should keep an eye on the end of May 2024, when the April 8th eclipse will be activated by Mars. We should also keep an eye on the next 48 hours, as transiting Mars challenges the former guy’s Uranus on April 14. That could spark some daring actions and assertions. Not surprisingly, transiting Mars is likely to reflect provocative behavior all next week, with contacts almost daily through April 21. On April 22, transiting South Node meets up with his Chiron. A release involving a wound that can neither be hidden nor healed?

OK, enough about that guy, other than this reminder that astrology accurately foresaw that the judge in Special Prosecutor Jack Smith’s federal case against the man who stores classified documents in the loo was likely to be extremely favorable to the defendant — and that was before Aileen Cannon got the case. Avid Listeners of Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast would have heard it, if I didn’t mention it here.

Speaking of disruptions in Earth…

At 10:23 AM ET, less than 12 hours after Venus entered warrior Aries, on its way to a cooperative alignment (a sextile) with “news from underground” Pluto, a 4.8 magnitude earthquake hit Manhattan. The epicenter was Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, which it about 11 miles from the Bedminster golf club owned by the — aggggh — I hoped we were through talking about him —  guy who’s scheduled to go on trial for election interference (by covering up hush money payments to porn actress/director/producer Stormy Daniels) on April 15th. But I just have to bring up the oddly-named epicenter, and note that an aftershock at 5:59 PM ET was centered 7 km west of Bedminster. In both quake charts, Venus at 0 Aries — the warrior woman — was in a challenging aspect to the Ascendant. Coincidence or conspiracy?

You can track daily seismic activity here.

UPDATE: a few weeks ago we were alerted to a possible wake-up call in the horoscope of Merrick Garland, as Uranus opposed his Sun on April 11. It seems the wake-up calls came from Garland himself, as he was credited (on the Twitter) with persuading enough members in the House to…

reauthorize section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or Fisa, including a key measure that allows for warrantless surveillance of Americans. The controversial law allows for far-reaching monitoring of foreign communications…

much to the dismay of that guy I said we weren’t going to talk about anymore...for now.

Moving right along…

…to Wednesday’s Mars-Saturn conjunction in Pisces. An attack or outburst of energy (Mars) on a structure (Saturn) involving water, oceans, empathy, intangible expressions, impression, ideals (Pisces) would be one potential. Ghoulish patriarchy would be another.