Sunday 4/29/2018 & Then Some: Full Moon in Scorpio; Sneak Peek at the Week

Moon entered Scorpio today at 3:11 AM ET, seeking depth, substance and control. It waxes to its fullness at 8:58 PM ET. A Full Moon in Scorpio vs. a Taurus Sun suggests tension,  illumination  and release in matters of “mine” vs. “ours.” As with all Full Moons, emotions may well be on the rise — but with greater intensity, courtesy of Scorpio.

You are more personally “illuminated” by this Full Moon if you have a planet or angle around 9 degrees of Leo and Aquarius — but especially Taurus and Scorpio. The Sabian Symbols for this lunation give us clues as to the nature of the potential release. For the Taurus Sun: a Red Cross nurse. For the Scorpio Moon:  a fellowship supper. These symbols suggest images of compassion and sacrifice; of someone going to the front lines to help the wounded, writes Sabian Sage Blain Bovee.  Other images include gatherings born out of shared experience and a willingness to put aside differences in favor of humanitarian goals.

These Symbols feel hopeful — and make me wonder how last week’s historic meeting between the leaders of North and South Korea will play out. I also wonder what illumination we may see with respect to the P45 Administration, as tonight’s Full Moon falls exactly on the 9 degree Scorpio Moon in the P45 inauguration chart. Not only that, but transiting Mars is fast approaching a meet-up with the 26 Capricorn Midheaven of the chart (exact on May 7). On May 18th, transiting Mars will square the 0 Aquarius Sun…to be followed on May 31st by a square from transiting Uranus. Mark your calendars and see what happens that may be daring, provocative, innovative and/or impulsive, for better or worse.

No sleeping in on Monday. Note your dreams, given the Moon’s 8:32 AM ET alignment with rose-colored Neptune. Waking up inspired? Carry it through the rest of the day. Note the potential for expansive emotions around 3:11 PM ET, as the Moon meets up with Jupiter. There’s an easy flow of practical energy through the evening, thanks to contacts with Pluto and Mars.  Chill between 10:56 PM ET and  11:19 AM ET on TUESDAY as the Moon will be void. No worries if you sleep in on TUESDAY.

After 11: 19 AM ET on Tuesday, the energy of the day is driven by the Moon in Sagittarius. If someone has a righteous opinion, we’re all sure to hear about it — and the more boundaries pushed, the better (according to Sag). Get out in nature; take in a foreign film or indulge in a debate that expands your mind.  Friday and Saturday are all business, courtesy of  the Moon in Capricorn.

The only other Moon void of the work week happens at 8:50 PM ET on THURSDAY — for all of 70 minutes.

Perhaps you have noticed that I’m not telling you about exact aspects between the planets — except between the planets and the Moon. That’s because there are none. There aren’t even any planets changing direction or sign this week.  One possible exception is rebel Uranus, which is now at the very last degree of Aries. Planets at the last degree of a sign tend to intensify. Aries refers to the head, cars, warriors, pioneers, selfies and anything me-me-me. Uranus refers to technology, aviation, liberation, astrology, seismic activity, uranium, rebels and other upsets. Watch the news — and if you have a planet or angle around 29 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, my money says you’re feeling the buzz. Exhibit A:  Sarah Huckabee Sanders has Venus at 29 Cancer.

Let the record show that there is building tension between Uranus (upsets; innovation) and Mars (action; assertion). On May 16th, one day after Uranus leaves Aries and enters Taurus, Mars will enter Aquarius and immediately square Uranus, releasing said tension.  This is the “other shoe” dropping after last week’s Mars-Pluto meet-up in Capricorn. Mars and Uranus will square two more times this year:  on August 1 and September 18th.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. What does the lack of exact aspects among the planets suggest for this week? Well, over the years I have noticed that in these apparent “empty spaces,” there is room for much to fall, in the way that a giant chunk of ice breaks off an Arctic shelf and crumbles into the sea, as if no one saw it coming.

As for the news, here’s the latest installment of the NYT’s “The Week in Good News” — seven stories, three of which you may already have read about here.  Plus, on today’s stability-preserving harmony between the Taurus Sun  and Pluto in Capricorn, it’s nice that Australia is pledging millions to save The Great Barrier Reef. Another effort to preserve stability: a long editorial in the NYT begging Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy to stick around. That may be a challenge, given patterns in Justice Kennedy’s horoscope that were pointed out here last year — and are active now and into 2019.

Thank you for reading this forecast.