Tuesday 9/26/2017: Sneak Peek at the Week; Cosmic Breaks; Pluto Power Plays

Alll-righty then!

The work week began with a sigh of relief as the Moon entered optimistic Sagittarius at 12:01 AM ET on MONDAY. Anything to escape the intensity of the weekend’s Moon in moody Scorpio!  A challenge between a Mercury (mindset) in Virgo (refinement) and Saturn (control) in Sagittarius (opinion) suggested gravitas in thought and communication. That pattern was exact Monday at 10:36 AM ET.

Today the Sag Moon continues without interference through most of the business day. Consider a gambol or a gamble; think outside the box; take a walk in the woods; catch a foreign film; tell the entire Free World your righteous opinion. As we get closer to 8:15 PM ET, note the potential for an ambitious patriarchal reach or wet blanker to weigh in, courtesy of the Moon’s meet-up with stern Saturn.

The Moon will be void on WEDNESDAY between 7:08AM ET and 12:24 PM ET. Roll with the twists and flakes that may disrupt your morning. Crises that crop up are often much ado about nothing when the Moon is void. Stick to routine concerns. After lunch it will be all business as the Moon enters enterprising Capricorn, where it will be for the rest of the work week. The Moon’s  weekly clash with Pluto and Uranus hits at 10:36PM ET on THURSDAY and 7:20PM ET on FRIDAY. Power plays, emotional catharses and sudden upsets are more likely when the Moon’s journey through the cosmos is challenged by these heavies.

But wait, there’s more. There are two significant patterns happening on THURSDAY which we are feeling now. I really can’t do better than this headline from today’s WaPo Daily 202:  “ Trump’s plutocracy problem complicates push for tax cuts”  The keyword here is PLUTOCRACY, and the planetary pattern it reflects is PLUTO turning direct in Power That Be CAPRICORN on Thursday at 3:33PM ET. Isn’t that interesting? Pluto also refers to news from underground. A volcano in Bali may be “hours away” from erupting after “unprecedented seismic activity.”

Pluto has been slowing to a virtual dead stop all month, stationing at 16 degrees of Capricorn. If you have a planet around 16 -18 degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Libra or Cancer, you’re probably feeling the pressure for a power play or transformation. Jimmy Kimmel fits that category. So does Megyn Kelly, who launched a goofy new talk show yesterday. I’m not sure what to make of the pinky pussy-bow blouse she opted to wear for her big debut.  That would never have happened on Fox.

Guess what part of the body Capricorn rules? The KNEE. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, so it also refers to the knee. Saturn is in Sagittarius, which refers to publishing, opinions and sports. What made headlines all through the weekend, against the added backdrop of Neptune (vision, headline, fatih) opposing Mars (athletes & other warriors)? Professional athletes peacefully protesting police brutality against people of color, as Eric Reid, a player for the San Francisco 49ers, explains.  What are they doing? TAKING A KNEE. How can this be a mere coincidence? (It can’t).

Former 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick is the player who started it all, and it should surprise absolutely no one that Mr. Kaepernick is a Scorpio with the Sun conjunct Pluto. What drives him? The Moon in Aries, which needs to be first in all things. Of course he went FIRST.  Where is his Mars (how he needs to act)?  16 degrees of Libra, supercharged by transiting Pluto right this very minute! Mars in Libra is the quintessential warrior for peace! Where is his Mercury (the way he needs to think and communicate)? At 28 Libra, amplified by transiting Jupiter in Libra and opposed by Uranus in Aries. Of course he’s being seen as a disruptive thinker, big time.   He is going to be making news on this issue through 2018.

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Another big pattern exact on Thursday is the third opposition between expansive Jupiter and rebel Uranus, happening at 12:24 AM ET. Jupiter refers to excess; Uranus refers to aviation. This just in:  “Plane crash which killed UN boss Dag Hammarskjold may have been casued by aircraft attack.”   In other news:  why are alleged public servants like Treasury Secretary Steve Munchkin and Health & Human Services Secretary Tom Price using taxpayer-funded charter jets instead of flying commercial? Is it really worth $25,000 per hour to have a “secure phone line” on a short hop from NY to DC? Tom Price billed taxpayers $300,000 so he wouldn’t be “inconvenienced.” I bet a lot of taxpayers could get desperately needed dental care for $300,000…

Can you tell the Moon is in righteously opinionated Sagittarius?

Sudden changes of fortune, genetic mutations and big wake-up calls are also reflected by Jupiter-Uranus. “Nerve implant restores consciousness to man in persistent vegetative state.”  That is certainly a big wake-up call.  Uranus refers to seismic activity. Combine the expansive Jupiter-Uranus energy with Pluto (“news from underground”) and it is no surprise to read that a volcano eruption in Bali may be “hours away after unprecedented seismic activity.”   Watch for big news of power — or lack thereof — in the tech industry this week.

And now, more news.

Anthony Weiner. I can’t believe I’ve been following his horoscope since June 2011, when his horoscope was eclipsed and his secret sexting hobbies were outed for all the world to see.  That June 2011 eclipse happened at 11 Gemini, square his Virgo Sun, Uranus and Pluto. Those three planets were eclipsed again in September of 2016 and February 2017,  with predictions for 2017 noted here.  Yesterday, with transiting Mars at 12 Virgo (i.e., triggering that ancient eclipse and his pile-up of Virgo planets), he was sentenced to 21 months in prison.  Bewildering? A wipe out? Yes, most definitely. Transiting Neptune (which dissolves whatever it touches) is exactly opposite Weiner’s Sun, Uranus and Pluto.

Guess what else has a significant planet at 12 Virgo? The horoscope of Puerto Rico.  That’s where its Moon is. Its Mercury at 26 Leo was hit by the Big Fat Solar Eclipse last month…which fell in its 10th House of public status. Mercury refers to communication and transportation. With gas and electricity in dangerously short supply, there is not much communication and transportation to be had. Eclipsed?  Here are satellite images of Puerto Rico at night — before and after Hurricane Maria.

Meanwhile….“Trump misreads North Korea’s sacred dynasty at his peril”  — this is a fascinating piece that argues that Kim Jong-un sees himself as the descendant of an ancient shaman king. It’s an apt piece for a week dominated by fanatical/spiritual Neptune with Mars. Elsewhere,  it seems to make perfect sense that a Republican senator from Alabama  fighting to keep his seat in a runoff today is named “Strange.”

In Virgo, Mars could refer to fastidious men. Sunday’s “Modern Love” essay in the  NYT is called “Discovering Manhood in Soapy Bubbles.” I am sure Neptune rules bubbles…

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