Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 11/14/2012: Secrets & Lies

More murky, muddled depths perhaps…at least through the wee hours of Wednesday morning. After a very brief Moon-void at 5:39AM ET, Moon escapes the clutches of heavy Scorpio and blasts off into Sagittarius at 5:52AM ET, where it quickly crashes into nebulous Neptune. Note your dreams upon waking…clear the cobwebs from your head with a little caffeine and embrace the expansive, optimistic potential a Sag Moon holds. And if you don’t know what that looks like, here is a picture of someone I am sure has a Sagittarius Ascendant.**

Caveats: be advised that while you were sleeping, Mercury backed into Scorpio at 2:43AM ET. This adds more of the usual “wobble” we can experience when planets move from one sign into the next. We already have Mercury retrograde challenging our patience and our mental focus. We’ve got bottlenecked energy from yesterday’s solar eclipse that hasn’t found its release (look for a hit of it when Mercury reaches 22 Scorpio on the 20th). I can’t say this enough: double check your facts before you hit “send”. Make sure the restaurant you’re going to is actually open. And if you’re free to wander a bit over the next few days, then by all means indulge. But whatever you do, don’t wander into this restaurant, if you happen to be in New York. You can, however, enjoy the scathing review (see the preceding link) as a fine example of “Sagittarian blunt opinionation meets scathing Scorpionic thermonuclear destruction.”

Meanwhile, the dirt digging continues.  The General Petraeus kerfuffle gets weirder by the hour, prompting some to wonder if we’ve dug up too much. There are 2260 comments (so far) posted on that linked New York Times article — which seems like a record. And I wonder how many comments would be posted on an article like this. More dirt: comedienne Janeane Garofalo is stunned to discover that she was married for 20 years — seriously! And finally —  a big NEVER MIND on those allegations about Elmo’s puppeteer that broke on Monday. Absolutely, positively not true — the accuser has recanted. Good thing Monday’s forecast warned you not to believe those bedazzling rumors…

**P.S. — for those who checked out the personification of a Sagittarius Ascendant at the end of the first paragraph: Astrid Lindgren, the Swedish author who created Pippi Longstocking, was born on this date in 1907. She was 94 when she passed away. RIP and thank you, Ms. Lindgren, for everything!

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