Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 10/31/2012: Every Witch Way

…picking up from where I left off yesterday, which was somewhere in the middle of Hurricane Sandy, during an almost 48-hour long, void-of-course Taurus Moon that is still going on. I was lucky enough not to lose power, but as you may have noted in the news, hundreds of thousands of people did — and it will likely take days for it to be fully restored. Here’s a summary of some of the damage done — to power, public transportation and other systems in New York, New Jersey and other areas in Sandy’s path. Not to mention the damages incurred days ago by our neighbors in the Caribbean. How interesting that with the Moon in earthy Taurus, so many of us in this hustle-bustle part of the world are being grounded. This is not a bad focus for those of you who have greater mobility,too.

Roll with whatever twists and/or detours crop up in your morning commute. Moon finally gets into gear at 2:40PM ET in information junkie Gemini. That should quicken the pace of information flowing, but please keep in mind these important caveats: first, Moon will immediately square nebulous Neptune, casting a visionary/creative or simply confused fog over information, communication and travel concerns.  Second, as noted last week, Mercury is slowing down in preparation for the last retrograde period of the year (November 6-26). Double check the facts before moving forward. The key here is FOCUS.

Add to this mix the volatile and/or surprising T-square among Venus (love, women, money, art), Uranus and Pluto (noted in Monday’s forecast; exact Thursday through Saturday), which could be reflected in all Venusian concerns (including the markets). If you’re out and about tonight through the weekend — especially in a Halloween disguise, this Venus T-square may be reflected in sudden and unconventional attractions (that’s the Uranus element). It may also attract encounters that are downright catty (that’s the Pluto part).

And speaking of cats, Henri the existential cat has some amusing thoughts on Halloween. Though we still have no idea who wrote and/or performed the music in these charming episodes…

Trick or treat!