Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 9/30: Sneak Peek at the Week

…and we’re off…to the start of another work week, this time with a fully-engaged Moon in royal Leo, continuing the potential for play, drama queens/kings and creative efforts that allow you and others to shine. No sleeping in! Exact planetary patterns are light today, but we’ll likely feel the reflection of heavier alignments that are exact starting Tuesday.

First, a need for inspiring vision and/or rose-colored fog in thought and communication is suggested by a lovely connection between mental Mercury and nebulous Neptune, exact on Tuesday night at 5:45PM ET.This is an excellent aspect for artists, healers and other creative types. On the other hand, if something sounds way too good to be true, it couldn’t hurt to dig a little deeper for details, especially when the Moon enters discerning Virgo on Tuesday.

I will be in Los Angeles October 3rd – 12th and available for in-person consultations. Please contact me to schedule an appointment.

Second, the potent challenge between the Libra Sun and Pluto (also on Tuesday) and rebel Uranus (on Thursday) suggests all kinds of power plays, resources (nuclear, oil, gas, etc.), news from underground, and other revelations about governments, corporations and other institutions. Throw in some ground-breaking headlines involving revolution, individual liberties and technology — especially outer space. This just in:  a cool article about how NASA is using the ground-breaking 3D printer.

Other disruptions to the status quo suggested by the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square can be found nearly every day —  in-depth  — on the homepage of  Another revolution — this one in health care — begins on Tuesday, when key provisions of the Affordable Health Care Act take effect. Here’s a little summary of what may be in it for you, courtesy of the New York Times. Fascinating that it will take effect, perhaps with a fizzle, when the Moon is void of course between 12:48AM ET and2:52PM ET on Tuesday. Your other Moon void this week: Thursday 2:57PM ET- 10:59PM ET. Be advised that the next lunar cycle begins on Friday at 8:34PM ET, with a New Moon in Libra.

And just in case you haven’t heard:

I will be in Los Angeles October 3rd – 12th and available for in-person consultations. Please contact me to schedule an appointment — and please forward this forecast to everyone you know in the Entire Free World.

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