Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 1/31/2013: Equilibrium in the Balance; Saturn Square Sun Recap

Moon is NOT void of course today, as many of you wrote to let me know. Apologies for the typo in yesterday’s forecast — and during a perfectionist, hypercritical Virgo Moon, too — quelle horreur! Moon enters Libra at 1:36AM Thursday morning, not Sunday, now seeking peace, social graces and popularity. However, thanks to the never-ending challenges of rebel Uranus, your equilibrium may be disrupted by a startling revelation or outburst around noon, Eastern time. My money says put a positive spin on it, courtesy of an optimistic boost from jolly Jupiter.  By dinner time (8:16PM ET), another challenge to peace and harmony may be raised, as ruthless Pluto squares the Moon. This is not necessarily an unpleasant prospect…though it may be deeply felt.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s headlines reflected planetary patterns perfectly.  When I write a subject line “Expansion & Contraction” and wake up the next day to a headline that blares “Economy Contracted Unexpectedly in the Fourth Quarter.” I can’t help but do a little Snoopy dance. It’s an astrology thing…though I confess I’d be even more thrilled if the hyperlink function in WordPress hadn’t suddenly decided to go on strike. Here’s the link to the article about the unexpected contraction And here’s another front page item about deep cuts and limitations…in the fishing industry And here’s another story about necessary controls — this one about China shutting down factories to curb pollution that’s running wild  Meanwhile, in France, the City of Lights is hitting the off switch, too — another necessary control  It’s all very Saturn (discipline) square Sun (life force). Coincidence or conspiracy?

That’s all, folks. Gotta find out why these hyperlinks are not working. Paging my computer guru now…