Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 4/11/2012: After the Void, Make It Happen

Early morning risers on the East Coast may be engaged or presented with a flurry of words, perhaps in a heated debate, as mental Mercury challenges the Moon — which is still in opinionated Sagittarius — at 6:06AM ET.  Moon goes void at 7:05 AM ET on a constructive connection with disciplined Saturn; possibly adding an unexpected twist or “flake factor” any best-laid plans. Go with the flow and remember that any crises that turn up in the next six hours are likely much ado about nothing. When in doubt, check to see that the machine is actually turned ON.

At 1:02PM ET Moon moves into enterprising Capricorn, needing to make something happen out of those lofty ideals. Inspiration and the energy to work out the details of a plan will likely color the rest of the afternoon, perhaps ending with a jolt/surprise/flash of insight around 10:33PM ET.

There’s so much to write about re: planetary patterns driving the headlines that I could easily devote an hour-long show to the subject. Where to begin? Pluto turning retrograde was certainly reflected in several “news from underground” front page headlines, including this report disputing the governor of New Jersey’s rationale for pulling the plug on a massive plan to build a new TUNNEL under the Hudson River  Meanwhile, Moon in opinionated Sagittarius, which also rules foot-in-mouth disease, is sublimely expressed in this piece about the manager of the Florida Marlins being suspended after expressing his opinion (“I love Fidel Castro”), about the Cuban dictator.

Planetary patterns are also reflected in last Friday’s disappointing jobs report and this week’s sell-off in the markets in Europe and the U.S.  Suffice it to say that after last month’s materially self-sufficient, enriching Earth Grand Trine, a streamlining is certainly suggested.  I am fascinated that Rick Santorum’s surge in popularity  at the end of 2011 coincided with his Venus (social expression, love, money, women) being empowered by potent Pluto. As he ended/suspended his campaign today, his Venus was hit by Uranus, sudden disruptor of the status quo.

It goes on. Stay tuned to this channel for continuing updates from the cosmos…





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