Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 3/31/2015: Trevor Noah, Jon Stewart’s Heir-Apparent

Moon enters Virgo at 2:12PM ET, ready to sweep up the confetti and sort out the drama that may have played on your stage yesterday. A need for action is suggested by an easy connection between the Moon and Mars soon thereafter. Inspiring and bold analysis may be tempered or facilitated by an easy alignment between Mercury and Saturn, exact on Thursday, but in effect now. General good cheer and plans for expansion may be moved along by another alignment between the Sun and Jupiter. also exact on Thursday.

In other news, Mars, planet of action, slows down its pace as it leaves impulsive Aries and heads into steady Taurus at 12:27PM ET. Note the potential for an ambitious advance or wet blanket around 11:42PM ET, as the perfection-seeking Virgo Moon squares off with taskmaster Saturn.

And now, the news.

Yesterday I noted the potential for prominent news about endings in the headlines, suggested by Mercury hitting 29 Pisces, triggering the degree of last week’s New Moon/eclipse. Exhibit A: it was reported that Andreas Lubitz, who piloted Germanwings 4U9525 into a mountain last week, had been treated for “suicidal tendencies”. Exhibit B: a U.S. pharmacists’ group is encouraging its members to not provide drugs used in lethal injections, thus making it harder (presumably) for states to carry out death penalty sentences. Exhibit C: the governor of Arizona signed a bill “requiring abortion providers to tell women they can reverse the effects of a drug-induced abortion,” even though science does not support such a claim. And that’s all on the NYT homepage now.

Don’t get me started on the legislative efforts we are likely to see over the next couple of years, as Saturn (law, control) makes its way through Sagittarius (collective belief; religious dogma). Add in the approaching challenge to Saturn from Neptune (faith, spirits of all kinds, surreal) in Pisces (ditto) that will also be in effect, and some laws are likely to be…transcendental.

Exhibit D: a successor has been appointed to take over for Jon Stewart, when he prominently ends his run as host of The Daily Show. Trevor Noah was born on February 20, 1984 — no birth time reported yet. His Sun is at 0 Pisces, and would have been impacted by February’s New Moon in Pisces. His Venus is at 0 Aquarius and would have been boosted by January’s New Moon at 0 Aquarius. His Neptune is at 0 Capricorn — the Aries Point — and would have gotten a boost from last week’s New Moon/Eclipse/Equinox — all at the Aries Point. And to top it all off, I would think that Noah’s socially gracious Libra Moon is being supercharged by Uranus and Pluto — and perhaps his Ascendant and Midheaven, too — which would be reflected by his “sudden” prominence. When your horoscope is hot, you’re likely to be hot, too. Wouldn’t it be fun to know about these hot times in advance?

UPDATE: Patterns in Mr. Noah’s horoscope are formidable. A Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio squaring Mercury in Aquarius suggests mindset and communication that can be ruthlessly disciplined, provocative and intense. Emotional intensity and depth of perspective are echoed by another square between Venus and Pluto.


Last, but not least: you may recall a recent forecast in which I randomly listed seven people born with Sun at 29 Pisces or 0 Aries — and thus might be “eclipsed” by the New Moon/solar eclipse on March 20th. One of them was Harvey Weinstein — and here’s how he made headlines yesterday, when Mercury (information, communication) was at 29 Pisces, triggering that eclipse and conjoining his 29 Pisces Sun.  Coincidence or conspiracy?

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Thank you for reading this forecast.