Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 3/30/2012 & The Weekend: Chance of Thunderstorms, Followed by Sunshine

A day driven by a need for emotional and home(land) security, suggested by Moon in watery Cancer (which, btw, is Moon’s natural home). How might this need be challenged or charged, given the surprise/jolt/revelation suggested in the early morning hours (East Coast time), followed by the intensity of ruthless Pluto at 1:47PM ET? Whatever it is may be linked to your New Moon agenda and tension of the First Quarter Moon at 3:41 PM ET.  Let it all go after hours and enjoy the comforts and jocularity suggested by an easy connection between Moon and Jupiter at 8:41 PM.

Staying close to home, dining in, chatting with Mom or a close female friend — or maybe a home improvement project are fine choices for Saturday, as the Cancer vibe continues. You can shop until you drop without worrying about a Moon void to disappoint you and you’re not likely to overspend.

On Sunday, the Moon’s ingress into Leo suggests a giant meteor smashing into Earth, meaning you’ll never have to worry about your health insurance plan again.  April Fools’! But seriously folks, Moon in Leo offers a fine day for playful drama (or just plain drama), and we may see some especially inventive April Fools’ Day pranks, given that innovative Uranus wants to get into the act.  If you’re out and about, you’re likely to meet some folks from the fringe…and that can be a fun thing indeed.