Wednesday 9/28/2022: Brief Sneak Peek at the Week; Moon Void Adventures; Mercury Turns Direct

As you may have read in Beth Owl’s Daughter’s always-in-sync Tarot Card of the Week, I’m under the weather and don’t have the bandwidth to record a video Whether Forecast or write a full Sneak Peek at the Week just yet. As astrologer Rockie Gardiner (whose Rockie Horoscope inspired me to start writing this forecast 13 years ago) used to say, “We are freewheeling.”

As a consolation, may I direct your attention to Episode 16 of Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast, which dropped on Friday. To Avid Reader Peggy  — who took the time to tell us she thought it was our best effort yet — thank you  so much for the encouragement and support — and stay tuned for the bonus anecdotes we promised patron subscribers. They’re recorded — I was floored by what Whitney had to share — and will be uploaded soon.


…because my sense of responsibility (Capricorn Ascendant) and genuine delight in keeping you informed (Moon in Gemini) just can’t not tell you something about this week’s patterns, know that:

  • Sunday’s New Moon was in Libra — here is astrologer Blaine Bovee’s take on the Sabian Symbol for this lunation.
  • There’s been confluence of planetary patterns suggesting a rush of disciplined action, some of it grand and other parts grandly delusional. Did you hear that NASA crashed a spacecraft into an asteroid, in an effort to knock it off course? And that because Mars is in Gemini, fer gawdsake, that of COURSE the asteroid is called Dimorphos, meaning of TWO — count ’em — TWO forms? And that the name of the NASA effort is DART — for Double (!!)  Asteroid Redirection Test because “redirection” is the thing to do when Mercury is retrograde?
  • Venus trined Pluto, met up with Mercury on Monday, the same day Sun opposed Jupiter. See above.
  • Mercury trined Pluto on Tuesday, digging up investigative dirt.
  • Mars trined Saturn at 1;48 AM ET on Wednesday morning, suggesting an easy flow of airy energy — the kind you’d expect from a hurricane.
  • Venus ditches Virgo for Libra on Thursday at 3:49 AM ET. This is an improvement, much better for making decisions about aesthetic choices, and diplomacy. Make the most of it until October 23, when Venus enters Scorpio.
  • Venus opposes Jupiter on Saturday at 2:11 PM ET, perhaps infusing the weekend with a generous — potentially indulgent — spirit.
  • Mercury turns direct on Sunday at 5:07 AM ET — at 24 Virgo. Maintain focus — and roll with the schedule snafus and travel delays.


Here’s an example of how an understanding of astrology can help you live life better. I was scheduled to fly back to New York on Thursday evening. To get to the airport in Portland, I planned to take a bus from Bangor that afternoon. Once on that bus, I posted this on Facebook:
I knew when I booked my flight (weeks ago) that planetary patterns suggested a higher than average potential for delays, but since my plans were flexible, I booked it anyway. It’s pouring rain in NY, which means the flight departure has been pushed back three times — and might even be canceled. Upside: I’m well-prepared to roll with whatever twists that arise, thanks to my knowledge of astrology.
Later, I added:
Travel update: given my understanding of planetary patterns, I concluded that the potential for my flight being canceled was exceptionally high. So instead of staying on the bus to Portland (and the airport), I got off in Augusta, where my cousin lives. Changed my flight without penalty — will fly back to NYC in a couple of days. An hour after I made those arrangements, tonight’s flight was, in fact, canceled — And I’m hanging with my cousin over wine and pizza instead of scrambling for a hotel in Portland.
Astrology is amazing.
Here’s the 411 on consultations. The next set of eclipses is almost upon us, not to mention a slew of planets changing direction: Pluto (direct), Saturn (direct), and Mars (retrograde). There’s lots to discuss in terms of what it all suggests for you.
May Avid Readers in Hurricane Ian’s path — or in the path of any storm — be safe and sound. Please stay in touch.