Monday 4/15/2024: Sneak Peek at the Week; Jupiter-Uranus Rules!

Allllrighty then!

The big fat total solar eclipse is behind us, and there’s still more to come. But first, a PSA: donate your used eclipse glasses to any one of these most excellent organizations. Thank you!

Highlights for the week are:

  • Venus meets up with Mercury Rx on Friday
  • Mars sextiles Jupiter on Friday
  • Mars sextiles Uranus on Friday
  • Sun enters Taurus on Friday
  • Jupiter meets up with Uranus in Taurus on Saturday
  • Sun squares Pluto on Sunday

With the Sun in the last degrees of go-go-go, me-me-me Aries, supported by the easy flow among Mars (action!), Jupiter (expansion!) and Uranus (disruption!), not to mention the power play involving leaders of business and state suggested by the Sun’s square to Pluto on Sunday….it’s likely to be a busy week. And next week, there are no exact aspects among the planets except for those involving the Moon. None of this activity may affect your own personal horoscope, but whatever hits the front page of the newspaper may be spectacular.

Here’s how it goes:

  • MONDAY: Moon in Cancer drives most of this day with a need for home, homeland and emotional security.  Let the sextiles from the Moon to Jupiter and Uranus expand your creative genius. Around 3:13 PM ET, the Moon’s need for emotional sensitivity challenges the proactive drive of the Aries Sun. The First Quarter Moon suggests working out the seeds planted for last week’s New Moon agenda. If you’re the defendant in the first-ever criminal trial of a former U.S. president, or the first-ever female U.S. VP, this First Quarter Moon energizes your horoscope more than most.
  • MONDAY: Plan a lovely escape this evening. Moon trines Neptune at 7:22 PM ET and goes void with a sigh for the next three hours. Chill, and don’t make a mountain out of a molehill of crisis. At 10:23 PM ET, Moon enters rip roarin’ Leo, possibly with an intense howl of royal indignation, reflecting the catharsis or power play suggested by Moon’s opposition to Pluto at 2:22 AM ET on…
  • TUESDAY. Moon in Leo travels through the day without input from the other kids in the cosmic sandbox. Humming in the background is the action-packed buzz described in the highlights for this week. A productive use of Moon in Leo’s fire is to find ways to shine and help others shine, too. All the world’s a stage, and we each have a part to play. What’s yours? Non-productive use of Leo Moon energy is exemplified by needy drama kings and queens who suck all the oxygen out of a room in their never-ending, insatiable hunger for love and adoration.
  • WEDNESDAY: The Leo Moon’s playful, creative spirit is well-supported overnight and throughout much of the day. Moon trines Venus at 4:03 AM ET and Mercury at 11 AM ET. Ginormous enthusiasm or wretched excess may be yours around 4:11 PM ET, when Moon opposes Jupiter in material comfort-seeking Taurus. A surprise — for better or worse — hits the wires around 5:19 PM ET, when Moon squares Uranus.
  • THURSDAY: Balance may be recovered by the time Moon trines the Aries Sun at 8:02 AM ET. Mind the two-hour Moon void and roll with any  twists and Mercury retrograde flakes. Moon enters Virgo at 10:10 PM ET, determined to tidy up in the aftermath of the Leo Moon’s party. Creating a more perfect state of being may feel like it’s in overdrive for the next 38 hours, as the Moon in Virgo runs wild (i.e., without contact to any other planet) until cocktail hour on Friday. Also in overdrive: the need to get things started, as the Sun wraps up its exalted stay in Aries. Humming in the background is the fiery idealism of a conjunction between Venus (money, worth, values) and Mercury (how we need to think and communicate) in me-first, me-pioneer, me-crusade Aries, exact at 4:59 AM ET on…
  • FRIDAY. At 9:59 AM ET, Sun exits Aries and enters Taurus,  slowing down the pace and turning down the heat. Aries is a fire sign; Taurus is an earth sign, and what Taurus is here to do is build something beautiful, comfortable and stable out of the sparks that fly during Aries season. The keyword for Taurus is: I HAVE. That being said, if you’re a Taurus born after mid-May, stability may be challenging in 2024. If you’re a Taurus born around the 19th through 21st, a catharsis or transformation that leads to your empowerment may be in the works. Talk to your Aries friends born a few days before you and ask them about their experience in 2023 – or consult your local astrologer for helpful coping strategies.
  • FRIDAY (CONT.): Action may be the word of the day, reflecting the easy flow (a sextile) between Mars and Jupiter at 11:28 AM ET. Oh — but a wet blanket or other authoritative advance or block may make news around 5:52 PM ET, as the Virgo Moon finally connects with a planet after all these hours of running wild. Moon opposes Saturn, forcing an adjustment on the need to get it right. Oh, but take heart! An innovative approach — possibly involving technology or an unconventional alliance makes itself known around 7:55 PM ET, as Mars sextiles Uranus. I hope that approach doesn’t involve drones.
  • SATURDAY: Action, action, action…reflecting trines (easy flow) among the Virgo Moon, Jupiter and Uranus between 6 and 7 AM ET. A conflict and/or release is suggested by Moon’s opposition to Mars at 7:09 AM ET. Then….more Virgo Moon’s effort to make things right in exact details, possibly culminating on an ideal, a surrender, a scandal or other foggy illusion as Moon opposes Neptune and goes void at 8:19 PM ET. During the void, at 10:27 PM ET, Jupiter meets up with Uranus.

A pause, while we discuss the “biggest astrological event of the year,” after last week’s total eclipse.

It’s hard to believe we haven’t had a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction since the first week of January 2011, and that one was the last of a series of three. The first was in June 2010  at 1 Aries (when I was only posting on Facebook; I didn’t have a website yet). The second was in September 2010 – at the verrrry end of Pisces. A few days before that conjunction was exact, my little part of the world was treated to quite a rainmaker event: a tornado that took out most of the trees on the block. It was a “massive release of energy” (as I wrote back then), apt for the conjunction in Water sign Pisces.  Right around the time of the third Jupiter-Uranus conjunction (this one was also at the verrry end of Pisces) in January 2011, Ted Williams, the “man with the golden voice,” made big news in a stunning story of healing, redemption and “miracles.” His horoscope was directly affected by the (upside rainmaker potential) of Jupiter (BIG) meeting up with Uranus (MAGIC), as I explained.

Jupiter expands what it touches. Uranus shakes it up, for better or for worse. The conjunction is in Taurus, an Earth sign. So…sure…an especially notable seismic event would not be a surprising news item, nor would any shake-up involving Mother Earth. Here’s one that incorporates the “end of the world under the sea” potential of Saturn and Neptune in Pisces: coral reefs are bleaching at a rate of 1% a week, as ocean temperatures continue to rise. But the shake-up could also be a breakthrough/revolutionary perspective or innovation, perhaps designed to preserve the comfort and stability of those who on our home planet, as in “Decision by European court of human rights around vulnerability of older women to heatwaves marks significant shift”.

Taurus refers to pleasures of the senses, the body, agriculture, bulls and cows, food, real estate, money, art, possessions, beauty, fashion. Jupiter-Uranus in Taurus is likely to reflect innovation in these areas, e.g., “After landmark court ruling, home sellers could see dramatic drop in broker commission fees — with this ruling going into effect this summer.

You are more personally affected by this expansive, innovative and/or disruptive rainmaker/windfall potential if you have planets or angles around 21 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.  Off the top of my head that includes George Takei, Jessica Lange, and Adolf Hitler.

The Sabian Symbol for this potent conjunction is hopeful: “white dove over troubled waters.”  That would be an image worth our focus. It may trigger compassion (writes astrologer Blain Bovee), or a need to escape.  Troubled waters certainly seems to be a focus in Beth Owl’s Daughter’s always-in-sync Tarot Card of the Week — just look at the image on the Card!

Back to the weekly forecast:

  • SATURDAY: After the big Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, Moon enters Libra at 11:08 PM ET, seeking a rational debate, perhaps — and to facilitate diplomacy, fairness and balance. Depth is added to the discourse around 3:20 AM ET on…
  • SUNDAY:…as Moon trines Pluto. Then, at 1:01 PM ET, the Sun squares Pluto, as it does twice a year. Power plays, catharses and possibly matters of life and death involving leaders of state and business may hit the wires. Same re: “news from underground” involving energy resources, and let’s hope those resources are applied for the greatest good, not the worst. Headlines from past Sun-Pluto squares are here and here and here.  You are more affected by this “resistance is futile” power play or breakdown if you have planets around 1 degree of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. That includes a boatload of British Royals, Joe Biden, Woodrow Wilson, Liz Cheney, Caitlin Clark, and Clarence Thomas (who was a mysterious no-show at the office today).

And now, some news.

Speaking of Caitlin Clark, she just fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a professional basketball player, announced in a “breaking news” banner across the homepage of the Washington Post just moments ago. Born on January 22, 2002 in Des Moines, IA (birth time unknown), Clark is an Aquarius whose Sun is being supercharged by transiting Pluto this year — and into 2025. Her Moon is in Taurus, and she made an utterly charming, rock-solid, surprise  appearance on SNL’s Weekend Update, and pulled no punches in her skewering of WU anchor Michael Che’s past mocking of women’s sports. Utterly charming = Clark’s stellium of Sun, Venus, Neptune and Mercury in Aquarius. Rock-solid = that Taurus Moon, and Saturn’s trine to all of those planets in Aquarius. Pulled no punches = her Mars in “numero uno” Aries, and the surprise element is a reflection of her Uranus at 23 Aquarius, activated by the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

May these stories remind you that Mercury is still retrograde. Sudden schedule changes, communication and information snafus are par for the course:

Jupiter-Uranus conjunct in Taurus is reflected in the housing market:


I made a prediction about the man some are now calling “Don Snoreleone” (because he appeared to fall asleep in court today). In the last forecast I noted the potential for “daring actions and assertions” over the weekend, exact on April 14th. So what happened? That’s what I want to know, given Heather Cox Richardson’s account of what Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) said to ABC’s This Week host George Stephanopolos about his recent switch. Sununu supported Nikki Haley in the Republican primary, but now he’s all-in for the man who reportedly did not attend any of his other four kids’ high school graduations (and is now whingeing that the mean judge won’t let him skip his court date to attend one now). Point is, HCR notes that the support Sununu pledged may not be just about “politics,” but rather, “fear of retaliation.” And that’s pretty daring if that’s what’s happening.


In the language of astrology, Jupiter refers to asparagus. An innovative recipe for this delicacy (which is now in season) was in the latest Sunday NYT Magazine, and whipped up by your astrologer yesterday. I served it with a scrambled goose egg, fresh from the farmers’ market.

The author of the recipe has no idea how in sync with planetary patterns he is by starting his article with these words, “I thought I came up with a whole new expression…”

Astrology is amazing.

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