Astro-logical Forecast for Sunday-Tuesday 5/29-5/31/2011

Sunday offers a slower pace than the previous two days. Moon enters Taurus, a sign more likely to be found rolling in a meadow or money than charging off a cliff (that would be Aries). Earthly pleasures and sensual delights are especially appropriate on a holiday weekend with the Moon in the balsamic phase of the cycle. Nothing new to do right now, so why not enjoy wherever you’re at. Don’t forget to smell the roses.

Monday offers more of the same, with this caveat: note the potential for strong feelings or sharp words around 1:43PM EDT…with a chance to kiss and make up in a big way around 9:23PM EDT. If you’re thinking of taking Tuesday off, too, you could probably get away with it. The Moon will be void of course from 11:37AM-7:56PM EDT, offering a chance for extended R & R, so long as it doesn’t involve impulse shopping. Things bought during voids are more likely to be things you didn’t really need. Don’t believe it? Break the rules a few times and see for yourself.

The work week begins with the New Moon and solar eclipse on Wednesday — 5:03PM EDT. Stay tuned for further updates….enjoy the holiday weekend!