Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 4/29/2011 and the Weekend: Royal Wedding

It’ll take until 1:33PM NY time for the Moon to finally get into gear in the impulsive, headstrong, pioneering sign of Aries. Too bad there’s not much of a work day (on the East Coast, anyway) to set the world on fire. On the other hand, the Moon void should allow you the slack you need to blow off work to watch the Royal Wedding, unless you happen to sleep through your alarm (the void carries that distinct possibility). But you can probably get away with that, too.

The wedding, which is scheduled to begin at 11AM in London, should be a full-fledged regalia occasion, with royal Leo rising at that time. And with six planets in the 9th house, which refers to broadcast media and a world view, among other things, it’s definitely an event for the whole planet to share. Is it the best date and time to get married? Well, it would not have been my first choice. Not only is the Moon void, but it is in the end of a cycle (the New Moon is on Tuesday), and thus not a preferred time to launch a new venture. Oh, but what a day for a celebration and belief in a dream come true.

Moon hooks up with erratic Uranus at 7PM EST, which suggests the potential for a jolt or some other excitement. On Saturday, Moon continues its charge through Aries, with a mixed bag of emotional intensity, happily hooking up with loving Venus one minute…and being rejected by controlling Saturn on the next. That’s the morning. Late in the day — 8:16PM EST, we’ll see Venus opposed by Saturn, suggesting a potential wet blanket or “let’s get serious” feel to your Date Night. But wait — what about that jubilant, “believe in the impossible” (and act on it) connection between horny Mars and expansive Jupiter, happening right after midnight?  Hmmm. I wonder how many marriage proposals will happen over the weekend, inspired by the Wedding of the Year? 

Do your yard sale shopping on Saturday. Sunday is not the time for impulsive shopping. If your Date Night is a bust, hopefully you’ll find some other physical thing to do. Sunday the Moon goes void at 11:20AM EST — still in Aries, and still under that expansive Mars-Jupiter vibe. I will definitely be getting out of the house — into the woods — or perhaps a golf course near you.