Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 6/30/2011

No, the Moon wasn’t void of course yesterday, though some did remark that their day felt like it was going on forever in a free-falling listless way. No exact aspects among the planets and a “dead” moon can reflect a lack of direction, even though the official void doesn’t begin until 3:33AM ET — and ends at 12:33PM ET, when Moon enters Cancer.

What does this mean for you? A slower than usual start to the day or a twist to whatever you expected to land on your plate, perhaps with a dreamy feel to it all, courtesy of a lovely connection between Moon in nostalgic Cancer and escapist Neptune. What escape are you planning for the long holiday weekend? If you’re heading out of Dodge on Thursday, note the potential for a few bumps along the way, even if it’s in the form of the competition you may face from so many others with the same thought and destination.
More tomorrow on Friday’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse — a particularly dynamic cosmic event.