Friday 4/28/2017 & the Weekend: Venus in Aries; Mercury Meets Up with Uranus


Friday and Saturday are driven by the Moon in Gemini’s need for the latest information buzz. That’s great, but remember that Mercury is still retrograde, a caution against taking whatever is  buzzing at face value. Apply Gemini’s natural curiosity and ask questions that go beneath the surface charm.  We may see some surprising revelations, as Mercury meets up with lightning bolt Uranus at 10:50 AM ET.

Meanwhile, Venus (women, art, money, social expression) re-enters me-me-me Aries. The shift in social expression may be immediately apparent, as we are inclined to be more strident about putting ourselves first. This is not necessarily a negative. Aries suggests courage. If you haven’t made a move because courage was lacking, now you may find you have it.

A dreamy hit to the Moon from Neptune around 7:23 PM ET  bodes well for bar tabs; not so well for clear focus.  A harmony between the Moon and Jupiter at 10:36 PM ET ends the evening on a jolly note.  Shop early on SATURDAY, as the Moon goes void on a potentially dour note from Saturn at 5:28 PM ET. Chill until 9:48 ET PM, when the Moon enters domestic goddess Cancer. Indulge yourself in home and family concerns through Sunday.

There is no Moon void at the start of the day on Monday. No sleeping in.

And now, the news.

Neptune refers to music and deception. This week it has been running wild. Is that why my Facebook feed was overrun with people posting “10 live concerts I’ve seen — guess which one is a lie?” Or has Mercury being retrograde prompted everyone to REtreat from the normal information flow and REvisit the past? I decided to play along, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that every one of my concert experiences was a wonderful story. Here’s one I wrote about over four years ago — in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Who would think that an evening of music performed by Al Stewart would be so memorable — worth sharing again — and in sync with planetary patterns at the time.

Seeing plenty more reflecting the potential for shocking technology (Mercury conjunct Uranus) combined with women, social expression and money (Venus at the Aries Point, demanding prominence). Last night, the most-read article on the The Guardian’s website was this: The Race To Build the World’s First Sex Robot. Now in Aries, we can see how social expression would be pioneering and self-sufficient. Also not needing to be part of a pair: women who are wearing mismatched earrings, including Ivanka Trump.

Uranus refers to aviation. Mars in Gemini craves entertainment and diversity in matters of action. Add that to the patterns above and why else would the Washington Post need to tell us that 1 in 10 people have had sex in an airport. Speaking of sudden shifts in aviation, United Airlines has settled with Dr. David Dao (the passenger who was violently dragged off a flight two weeks ago). The amount was not disclosed. Meanwhile, United said “many things went wrong,” but it was pleased to be instituting a new policy of “putting passengers first.” Right. New. Airlines are likely to continue to make headlines for the next couple of weeks. Today it was reported that a passenger on Delta was kicked off because he needed to use the restroom.

Mercury-Uranus patterns suggest sudden changes of mindset. One of the top stories on the WaPo homepage is about P45 suddenly changing his mind about NAFTA.  His tax plan, submitted earlier this week, will be called wacky in certain circles. It definitely disrupts the status quo (as any Uranus influence would do), but seems to support the power and resources grab suggested by Pluto (plutocrats) moving its way through the back end of Capricorn (Powers That Be).

UPDATE: way back in November it was predicted here that P45 would find his new job a sobering reality check (the preceding link will take you to a past forecast which also addresses Pluto at the back half of Capricorn).  Today P45 said in an interview with Reuters that “he thought being president would be easier than in his old life.” Just wait until July, P45. You haven’t seen anything yet.

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Thank you for reading this forecast.