Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 10/10/2011: Moon in Aries

As I write this forecast for Monday, the Moon is still void of course in Pisces, suggesting a collective focus on working with intangibles and getting in touch with our collective soul.  Moon enters Aries at 8:57AM ET, suggesting a slow start for those who must drag themselves out of bed and get to the office on what is for most Americans, a holiday (Columbus Day). But once you’re at the office (or even if you’re not), it’s quite likely you’ll notice the pace picking up, given that Moon in Aries has a pressing need to be “Number One” and get things done, and preferably yesterday.

Passions are likely to run high. Inspiration is in the air. The protesters on Wall Street — and in cities all over the country — are likely to attract even more attention over the next two days, especially as the Moon is waxing full (that happens late Tuesday night at 10:06PM). Meanwhile, Pluto and Uranus, the planetary heavies symbolically behind efforts to disrupt the status quo, both make contact with the Moon on Monday. Watch for jolts and strokes of genius around lunchtime ET, followed by an intense power play or catharsis around supper. In the markets, a strong probability of continued volatility.

Overall, there are no Moon voids to distract your plans for world domination during business hours this week. In terms of power days, Wednesday & Thursday stand out, as we process Full Moon “fallout” and the Sun (life force; the energy that drives us) makes its annual hook-up with disciplined, structured, serious Saturn (upside) which can also be the biggest wet blanket in town (downside).

As for replacing my kitchen faucet during today’s Moon void (as noted in Friday’s forecast), you’ll be pleased to know that — yes, as anticipated, a twist did arise. Turned out a couple of parts were missing — some thingy needed to connect two other thingies together. So the operation took longer than it should have, as the handyman had to go down to the basement and fish around (naturally he fished; the Moon was in Pisces), for the parts required. And with a little patience, it all worked out just fine.

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