Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 2/4/2011: Is Astrology a Science?

You may recall in Wednesday’s forecast a bit about unconventional Uranus challenging Venus, suggesting sudden social encounters of the strange kind. Actually, one of the keywords for Uranus is “shocking”, but I confess I often soften the tone, focus on the positive, etc., so as not to stoke worry or fear. But I wonder…would you have found it shocking if someone close to you discovered that her boyfriend of some years was a registered sex offender? That’s just one of the Uranian “surprises” that came across my desk…

Uranus, ruler of Aquarius (see yesterday’s forecast for thoughts on the New Moon in Aquarius and potential breakthroughs), also rules astrology. How’s this for a “technological breakthrough”:  a high court in India rules that astrology is a science (frankly, I’d argue that astrology is a symbolic language, and interpreting it is an art that relies on truckloads of quantitative data — kind of like what quantum physicists do when they conclude that subatomic particles exist, even though no one has ever seen one). To the reader who wrote “There is absolutely no scientific method that can be applied to astrology,” all I can say is that…well…gosh…that statement reflects a certain lack of understanding. Discuss your horoscope with a skilled astrologer, be blown away by the accuracy, and then let’s have a chat about the methods used to present those insights. You just might revise that statement.  : )

As for today: Moon in soulful Pisces is inclined to go with the flow, but a willful connection between Sun and Mars suggests that a strong drive and/or desire — maybe yours, maybe not yours — will pull focus today. And it may very well flow…but not in the usual dreamy/floaty Pisces way…more like a strong current. Will it be all for one and one for all? Well, the Sun-Mars connection is in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius…

The drive you experience or encounter may require a physical release. Find a constructive outlet for any (the headlines will likely reflect a number of “not constructive” outlets), even as you advance your big plan for the New Moon cycle. You could work the rest of it out at the gym, on the dance floor or under the covers.

Overall, carpe diem! I’ll write later about the action for Saturday and Sunday.

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