Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/31/2012: More Mooooooon in Taurus

Yesterday we had six connections to the Moon in Taurus, which suggested a dynamic need to establish and/or preserve material comfort and security. Today we have only two connections to the Moon and the first one doesn’t hit until 9:08PM ET. If yesterday felt like you had to shift gears multiple times during the day, see if you notice that today could feel like you’re slowly cruising in third gear.  If the evening finds you inclined to indulge in the sensual world, that would be in line with planetary patterns, too. Speaking of which…

…we’re building to an illuminating opposition between Venus (the feminine) and Mars (the masculine), exact Wednesday at 6:41PM ET. Already you may be feeling a bit of tension — possibly on the juicy/alluring side — in your interpersonal relationships, especially those between the sexes (including the same sexes, if you are so inclined — whatever/whomever might be the yin to your yang). Now you know what Wednesday might bring.

In other news — catching up on the headlines I missed over the weekend — it was no surprise to read of “hundreds of arrests” at Occupy Oakland “around 3PM” on Saturday. Looking at the horoscope for that place and time, we immediately see aggressive Mars challenging the point of public status and ruthless Pluto challenging the point of personal projection. This is the same pattern that marked the start of the previous Sunday’s game between the 49ers and the Giants. While a no-holds-barred suggestion of aggression expressed may be perfect for a modern day gladiator tournament, it’s a definite red flag for a protest rally, no matter how peaceful the intention, especially with Moon in fiery Aries, rebel Uranus running wild and — hello — Mars retrograde. Remember, starting wars, throwing bottles and cans and other impulsive acts of aggression are not favored when the warrior planet appears to be moving backwards in the sky.

Contrast this horoscope with the chart for noon on Monday, January 30th in Washington, DC, the time those at Occupy DC were given to either pack up and leave or they would be arrested. No aggressive Mars or ruthless Pluto prominent in this chart; with a Taurus Moon and Taurus Ascendant suggesting a need to preserve the status quo (not to mention a stubborn streak also suggested by Taurus), chances were good that an aggressive confrontation would not be forced at that time (supported by other measurements in the chart). Occupy DC — in its present form, rats and all — appears to have bought more time.

I keep an eye on OWS and its offshoots because, as I’ve written in other forecasts, the rebellious spark and the issues of economic inequality they have raised showed up just as planetary patterns suggested something of this nature would. Where and how these seeds will eventually take root remains to be seen, but chances are strong that they will not just shrivel up and die. Let the record show that a friend of mine in town from Tokyo this weekend had this item at the top of her New York “Must-See” list: Visit Occupy Wall Street. Food for thought.



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