Thursday 12/13/2018: Women on the Verge

Alllll- righty then!!

The Moon will soon wrap up its sojourn through Aquarius, where it’s been cruising with little interference since Tuesday night. It goes void on THURSDAY at 5:20 AM ET for two hours and twenty minutes. East Coasters, that’s your excuse for whatever flake or twist may disrupt your morning. Pour hot water over coffee beans you forgot to grind? Yeah, I’ve done that, too.

At 7:40 AM ET Moon enters Pisces, driven more by intuition than by logic. Moon clashes with Mercury in boundary-pushing Sagittarius at 8:39 AM ET, making for extra-spunky morning chit-chat. Then you’re free to go with the intuitive flow for the rest of the business day. If a holiday party or holiday shopping is on your evening calendar, good times and exuberance as suggested, as the Moon harmonizes with Venus and squares Jupiter between 11:10 PM and 11:44 PM ET. If you’re outside after midnight, don’t miss the Geminids meteors, which peak tonight!

And now, the news…

…much of which continues to reflect last week’s wiggy Sun-Mars-Neptune action. Were you personally affected? You would have been, if you had planets or angles around 14 degrees of Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini and Virgo. But there are other ways in which you might have been affected. Exhibit A: yours truly. That Mars-Neptune conjunction activated my 3rd house, which refers to how one needs to think and communication. The energy of action (Mars) combined with intangibles (Neptune) inspired me to get back into a regular meditation practice, which I have not had for some time.  How so? With the help of fabulous app called Headspace ( their motto: “Meditation made simple.”)  How apt is this app right now? Head = Mars; Space – Neptune. Fun fact: I heard about this app from Avid Reader Katharine months ago. Now I could get down on myself for not trying it out earlier, but that would be a waste of time. According to my horoscope, the perfect time to get into Headspace is now! Astrology is amazing.

More far-out stories, from the spacey to the scandalous:

Random item reflecting Jupiter (expansion) in Sagittarius (freedom of the press; righteous truth; publishing): Time magazine names “The Guardians” as its Person of the Year. Who are the guardians? Journalists fighting “the war on truth” — and being imprisoned or killed as a result. Murdered WaPo journalist Jamal Khashoggi is one of several on the cover.

Meanwhile, in the wake of P45’s big, fat, depressing reality check (karma cop Saturn opposing mental Mercury on Dec 10th), we see:

Speaking of Nancy Pelosi, doesn’t she look fabulous in red, as we’d expect an Aries would?


She wore red on the cover of a recent NYT magazine, too. Now that transiting Saturn is no longer putting the squeeze on her Aries Sun, it’s hard to imagine her not reclaiming her power as the next Speaker of the House. She’s apparently cut a deal with incoming progressives to limit her term to four years, right about at her Uranus return. By then, she’ll likely be ready to set herself free.

Here is her horoscope. Add a Scorpio Moon to the mix and she’s indomitable. Toss in three planets in Taurus and the irresistible force moonlights as the immovable object. Her Mars is at 25 Taurus, right on P45’s Midheaven and square to his regal Mars in Leo. That’s a potentially provocative dynamic. Fun Fact: Mitch McConnell also has at least three planets in Taurus, including his Mars.

Meanwhile, across the pond, Theresa May — a Libra driven by a perfectionist Virgo or regal Leo Moon (we don’t have a birth time) — seems to have survived the near-death experience of transiting Saturn square her Sun. That pattern was exact on December 4th, followed by a need for assertion under attack, suggested by transiting Mars on her natal Mars — exact December 7th. A vote of no -confidence was held today; her opponents did not prevail.  The PM was not wearing red.

In other news, I am so proud of Avid Reader Kay, who had the good sense to call me for a quick planetary “weather” outlook for the rest of the month. She was planning an important business trip — how was it likely to go? I told her that her biggest challenge was likely to come on Dec 11th, but after that brick wall, the rest of the journey looked dreamy. She said she would be traveling on the 11th; I recommended that she roll with any hurdles and take extra care to make herself comfortable. Here’s the email I received on the 11th: “The ‘challenging’ aspects of my week kicked in with fury today — missed connection and spending night in Vienna as a result — will have a full day there! but I was prepared — because of my excellent astrologer!”

Astrology can be such an empowering tool for helping manage expectations. What’s going on in your horoscope? Have you thought about planning a strategy for 2019

Last but not least, the 2019 Mercury retrograde bookmarks have arrived!! I spent a big part of the day stuffing them into festive gold envelopes with personal notes to fabulous Avid Readers. Why not stuff them into the stockings of friends and family (and keep one for yourself)?  The bookmarks, mind you — not your fellow Avid Readers — though that’s an intriguing thought.   Toss $11.88 into my Cosmic Tip Jar, and email me your snail mail address. I’ll put those Really Useful Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide Bookmarks in the mail today.

Thank you for reading this forecast.





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