Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 9/15/2015: Musings on a Libra Moon…

Another day with Moon in Libra, driven by a need for social graces and people-pleasing in relationship, and for being appreciated by putting out those qualities. A planet in Libra is not an absolute guarantee of peace and harmony. What Libra suggests is a need for harmony, peace and balance. It can swing wildly from one end to another in its efforts to fulfill that need. It can also get mighty resentful when it is not feeling appreciated. So much for peace and harmony!

At 1:10AM ET, the Moon was challenged by Pluto, suggesting a potential power play or emotional catharsis. As you are waking up, more cooperative alignments to the Moon between mental Mercury and pleasure-seeking Venus may facilitate a sweet reconciliation around 6:34AM and 7:07AM ET. Be prepared for a flash of insight, a break for freedom or some other disruption of the status quo around 2:27PM ET, when the Moon is opposed by rebel Uranus.

That’s it until 12:22AM on Wednesday, when the Moon goes void with a sigh until 11:43AM ET. Your work day tomorrow may start with a twist or flake. If you happen to sleep through your alarm, no biggie. Do try to get it off your desk today (Tuesday), if you can, as initiatives launched during Moon voids have a higher probability of turning out to be of little consequence.

And now, the news.

I’ve been anticipating a weird week with no small number of communication snafus, as our usual ability to FOCUS is waylaid by mental Mercury at a dead stop and Jupiter expanding the wigginess of Neptune. Woke up yesterday to this one: “American Airlines Accidentally Sends Uncertified Plane to Hawaii” — as well as “Egypt Security Forces Accidentally Kill Mexican Tourists”.  And then I decided to step away from the news for the rest of the day.

In light of the week’s potential pitfalls, I was fascinated to see the slow, earthy Page of Pentacles turn up as Tarot Diva Beth Owlsdaughter’s card of the week. Equally fascinating is the sublime synchronicity between her weekly cards and planetary patterns. Coincidence or conspiracy?

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Thank you for reading this forecast.

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