Monday 6/6/2022: Sneak Peek at the Week

Allll righty then!

Remember, if you need a video sneak peek of the written Sneak Peek at the Week (which I usually post on Monday), check out the Whether Forecast, posted on Sundays. You’ll find a link to that — and other fun podcasts and videos — right here on the brand spanking new PODCASTS & MORE section of my website.

Here’s how the week goes:

  • MONDAY: Moon in Virgo is ready to put things back in order after the Leo Moon’s weekend party. Now is the time for sorting, organizing, and selling your vision for making things right.
  • TUESDAY: Unconventional alliances are favored in the wee hours, as the Moon trines Venus at 12:05 AM ET, with more to come in the morning, as Moon trines Uranus at 10:48 AM ET. Minutes later, at 10:48 AM ET, the First Quarter Moon pits the Virgo Moon’s need for exacting detail against the multitasking energy of the Gemini Sun. Pick the most efficient option go with it. Separate the wheat from the chaff.
  • WEDNESDAY: Night owls may find divine inspiration from Moon’s opposition to Neptune at 2:44 AM ET. Some of it may be worth writing down upon waking, as Moon trines Mercury at 5:55 AM ET and then trines Pluto at 8:08 AM ET. If your morning gets off to a slow start, note that the Virgo Moon will be void until 11:22 AM ET. Roll with the twists and flakes, and don’t make a mountain out of a molehill of crisis. Once the Moon enters Libra, our focus may shift to talking it out – calmly, rationally, and unemotionally….at least until a few hours before 8:25 PM ET, when Moon opposes Jupiter and expands on its demand for fairness in relationship.
  • THURSDAY: A dispassionate approach may be challenged again around 8:15 AM ET,  as the Libra Moon faces off against fighting-mad Mars in Aries. Balance could return by evening, as Moon trines Sun at 9:56 PM ET. Note the when the January 6th Committee is scheduled to begin its televised presentation of the findings of its almost-year-long investigation. Tune in at 8 PM ET.
  • FRIDAY: Whatever came out on Thursday night may start the day off on a sober note, reflecting the trine between the Libra Moon and Saturn. Tension may build to a catharsis or power play around 1:36 PM ET, when Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto. Chill during the three-hour Moon void…and if you’re on the East Coast, maybe start the weekend early. At 4:41 PM ET, Moon enters Scorpio, driving the weekend with a need to plumb emotional depths for the sake of consolidating power and control.  Humming in the background all week is the last of three trines between Mercury – information – and Pluto, exact at 5:21 PM ET.  That pattern bodes well for investigative journalists and other persuasive types.
  • SATURDAY: Also humming in the background, and exact at 6:57 PM ET is a conjunction of Venus and Uranus in Taurus. Translation: be prepared for disruptions in matters of money, art, food production, women and social expression. More shocks to the system arise in the hours before 9:05 PM ET and 9:15 PM ET, when Moon opposes Uranus and Venus, respectively. Be mindful if you’re marching in the streets for our lives…again.
  • SUNDAY: Heavy news in the morning, perhaps — reflecting the square between Moon and Saturn, exact at 10:44 AM ET. Fifteen minutes later, Moon trines Neptune, adding to Saturn’s seriousness a layer of sensitivity and the surreal. The relationship between Saturn and Neptune is has been interesting in recent weeks. They are roughly 30 degrees apart, and positioned in a way that any planet that makes contact with Saturn is also engaged with Neptune. It’s going to be like this until early 2023, when Saturn wraps up its stay in Aquarius and enters Pisces. Then, in mid-2025, Saturn and Neptune will be conjunct in Aries — at the Aries Point — echoing last month’s Mars-Jupiter conjunction. Saturn and Neptune will continue this dance — with more conjunctions in 2026. This seems significant for the most popular chart for the United States, because the Midheaven is 1 Libra and the IC — the root of the horoscope — is 1 Aries.  Meanwhile, today is the last day with Mercury in Taurus, so we may be experiencing an urgency about thinking in matters of material comfort and security. Moon goes void on an opposition to Mercury at 5:39 PM ET (I wonder if we’ll hear news about someone’s control of a supply chain). Moon soars into Sagittarius with a sigh of relief at 6:31 PM ET. No doubt everyone will have an opinion to share.

Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card of the Week reflects the potency of the Mercury-Pluto trine. That’s the first pattern we’ve had between two planets that don’t involve the Moon since the explosive rush of assertive energy of the Mars-Jupiter conjunction on May 29th. Since then, planetary patterns suggested we might feel as if we were in a “free fall” — or, alternatively — as if things had been “let loose” (perhaps reflecting the loose connections among the planets). Not only that, but as Mercury gets back up to speed (after turning direct last Friday), it continues to trigger the lunar eclipses of November 19th, 2021 and May 16th, and also connect with Algol, that fixed star associated with losing one’s head.

Meanwhile, I don’t know where this day went, but it’s after midnight. I’d rather post this Sneak Peek now, and write up the list of news items after I’ve gotten a bit of sleep. I leave you with a link to an adorable photo of Lillibet, named for her great-grandmother, Elizabeth II.

Stay tuned — and thank you for reading this forecast.




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