Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 2/5/2013: Up, Up & Away

Another day driven by a righteous Moon in Sagittarius, expressing big ideas wherever it goes, fueled by a humanitarian Aquarius Sun. Patterns are light today…but you may still need a grounding cord, lest your rose-colored views carry you off like a helium balloon (cue The Fifth Dimension singing the classic Jimmy Webb song, now).

And speaking of rose colors…fabulous consultation specials  are back — perfect for Valentine’s Day gift-giving! Details at the bottom of this forecast.

We’ve got one planetary shift today. Mercury, which refers to mindset, travel and communication, enters dreamy Pisces at 9:58AM ET and heads for a rendez-vous with nebulous Neptune, which is exact tomorrow. This adds to the wiggy surreal potential we’ve been experiencing with aggressive Mars hooked up with the bedazzling power of Neptune. Regular  readers know that Neptune connections are wonderful for intangibles: spirit, music, art, healing and other divine inspirations. Neptune also refers to deception, oil, escape, scandal and drugs — to name a few. If you’re a creative type, a lover or a healer, you could soar. If you’re an escapist, we may have to send out a search party by the end of the month.

Moon goes void at 3:42PM ET, not to enter Capricorn until Wednesday at 12:55PM ET. Get it off your desk before 4PM if you can — and take some time to dream and wander. Earthy practicality will demand your attention tomorrow — still divinely inspired.

And now the news, brought to you by juicy Mars-Neptune in Pisces, karma-busting Saturn in Scorpio and the never-ending Uranus square Pluto, disruptor of the status quo, exposing what lies beneath. Finally, we’re seeing fraud (Neptune) charges about to be filed against a credit-ratings agency for its helium-induced assessments that helped bring about the fiscal crisis of 2008. Ya think?  “Fraud” is in the headline of the latest from economist Paul Krugman  — incredibly not about credit-ratings agencies. Meanwhile, remember the potential delusions of a fanatic I mentioned in Sunday’s forecast? The kidnapping of a young boy in Alabama has been resolved and the man who abducted him is dead (the boy was rescued — hooray).

Here’s a story about fraud (Neptune) in sports (Mars), specifically soccer. Muzak (Neptune refers to music) is also on the front page. Can you believe it? Neptune refers to illusions like TV (there’s no actual football team playing inside your set), and it is no surprise that a charismatic hook-up with Mars accompanied the sky-high ratings for that surreal Super Bowl— also on the front page. But  my favorite surreal story of the day is the news from across the Pond that the skeleton of King Richard III was positively identified. The bones were first uncovered in August — under a car park —  on a “news from underground” connection among Uranus, Pluto and Venus. Here’s Sir Laurence Oliver delivering the opening monologue in the title role of Shakepeare’s Richard III

…which is an odd segue into the details of my two Valentine consultation specials, but that’s showbiz. This month I’ve created — at a reader’s request — a holiday-inspired “Lovecast”. Doesn’t that sound like fun? The second special is one that was quite popular in December — so it’s back, and the deets on both are here. I have gorgeous gift certificates decorated with sparkly hearts for you to give to your sweetie, and I can’t wait to put them in the mail for you. Contact me and we’ll make that happen.

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