Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 2/1/2013: Mars in Pisces; Venus in Aquarius

Moon continues its sojourn through airy, rational Libra today, going void-of-course at 8:03PM ET until 7:02AM ET on Saturday. There are no disruptive lunar aspects to interfere with the flow of business or civilized conversation or debate — which bodes well for social engagement. At the end of the day, we will have two planetary shifts of note.

First, Mars — which refers to action and/or energy applied (in a situation) — leaves rebel Aquarius at 8:54PM ET, and plunges into the watery depths of Pisces. Frankly, Mars is not particularly comfortable in Pisces; it’s like putting a hot poker into a vat of water. What do you get? Plenty of steam! Point is, Mars is more comfortable in an element which allows it to be direct, whereas the nature of Pisces is diffusive. Not only that, but over the next few days Mars will be aligned with nebulous Neptune, ruler of Pisces. What does that suggest, you ask. On the plus side, it is excellent for glamor, charisma, show-stopping Hollywood spectacles, healing, faith and sublime escapes. On the down side, it can facilitate con artists and deceptions of all kind, fanaticism and seamy scandal — often in government and religious institutions. Actions taken or proposed may not be what they seem to be — so read the fine print if you’re considering something that seems too good to be true. This Mars-Neptune hook-up is exact on Monday, and already there’s a story about Cardinal Roger Mahoney of Los Angeles being removed from his duties after internal documents were released, showing how he shielded priests who were accused of sexually abusing children. Delightful.

The potential for weirdness is echoed by the second planetary shift: Venus leaves  social-climbing Capricorn and enters Aquarius at 9:47PM ET. Aquarius places a huge value on friendship and is known for its unconventional aesthetics and social expression. It is quite comfortable living on the fringe. Feel free (another Aquarius word) to expand your social circle and challenge your tastes over the next few weeks.

More on the rest of the weekend –and maybe the Super Bowl — later. I am working on a few special consultation offerings — just in time for Valentine’s Day (thanks to those of you who have asked). So stay tuned and I’ll posts the deets on those today or tomorrow.





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