Astro-logical Forecast for Sunday & Monday 2/6-7/2011: Super Bowl Edition

Welcome to the Special Super Bowl Edition of the Astro-logical Forecast, where we attempt to answer the question, “Can a gal who knows little about football use a lot of astrology to anticipate the action and outcome of The Big Game”? You may recall I tried this last year, calling a victory for the Colts, assuming the game would end around 9:10PM EST. Oops. Apparently, the Super Bowl goes on for days…

The chart for a 5:25PM CST kick-off today in Dallas shows  great potential for a very exciting game, sure to be talked about, if it hasn’t been talked about enough already. Fox should be pleased with the ratings, which may well exceed last year’s record-breaking numbers. It looks like the Steelers will present a united, driven, rock-solid display of skillfully executed teamwork. It looks like the Packers, who are favored to win this contest, will be inclined to take greater risks (“fearless”, “courageous”) in their drive to make this victory happen. Both teams should come on strong.

Things look good for the Steelers around 6:25 PM CST. I wonder about the possibility for confusion or sacrifice around 6:45PM CST. Perhaps a stunning Hail Mary pass (or other leap of faith), just before 7PM  CST– or maybe the start of an exceptionally dazzling and/or escapist half time show  or commercial. Just after 7PM CST, the Packers are likely favored. Around 8:25PM CST looks good for the Steelers. A possible surprising upset may occur in the minutes just after 9PM CST…and if this game goes on past 9:15PM CST, it looks very good for Green Bay from then until 9:30PM CST. Four hours — that’s enough time for a Super Bowl — yes? Let the game begin!

If you’re not watching the game, but want to know what else the day might bring, we start off with a dreamy, floaty Moon in Pisces morning. Note that there’s a void of course Moon from 2:13PM — 5:45 PM EST, so you’ll want to avoid the malls during that time. Could make for an unusual twist or spacey feel to the pre-game show, especially since the void begins on a disruptive connection from erratic Uranus.  Expansive, feisty, constructive, combative and determined then becomes the shift in tone when Moon enters Aries, the sign that absolutely, positively has to be NUMBER ONE. If you are working on creative project of any kind, use the practical energy at your disposal to constructively temper any indulgent, excessive urges — or just say the heck with it and enjoy a grand old time, with Alka-Seltzer and aspirin at your disposal when you need them tomorrow morning.

Monday morning brings us more of Moon in Aries and few stressful aspects to disrupt your flow, other than the stardust in your eyes likely from nebulous Neptune continuing to run wild (it’s been like this for a few days), encouraging your inner visionary and/or fanatic. Let’s hope you’re a visionary, because it’s go-go-go all week…no Moon Void either, until Friday.

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