Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 5/6/2011 and the Weekend: Paul Krugman and Jupiter transits

Thanks to a friend on FB, I caught this intriguing article posted yesterday about pundits and how inaccurate most of their forecasts are. Maybe they should start hiring trained forecasting professionals (astrologers), to fill these positions. I’m available, in case anyone reading this is hiring.

The most accurate pundit in the survey, I was pleased to see, is Paul Krugman, who writes for the New York Times. I’ve been meaning to write about him in this column because he seems to be quite good at identifying patterns in the economy that are in synch with patterns in the cosmos. He consistently points out, with a certain degree of alarm, that patterns seen in the 30s are repeating themselves. And certainly in the world of astrology, they are! So when Paul Krugman has something to say about why such and such is like what was going on in the 30s (the 60s also qualifies), I pay attention.

Paul Krugman was born Feb 28, 1953 in Albany NY – time unknown. He is a Pisces with Moon in Virgo and thus perfectly wired to analyze intangible data in a relentless quest for perfection. All last year the brilliance of transiting Uranus (the stroke of genius) intensified and empowered his Mercury (mind and communication), which is another reason I pay attention to what he’s been thinking. So —  might there be anything happening in his horoscope right now that would suggest him being rewarded for his insights? You betcha! Yesterday the Sun at 15 Taurus hooked up with Krugman’s Jupiter (the promise of reward). Meanwhile, transiting Jupiter hooked up with his Venus (social expression) AND his Mercury and Jupiter midpoint, which is the hallmark of a WRITER! OK, readers, what do we learn?  We learn that when Jupiter is active In the horoscope, we can anticipate reward.  Where is Jupiter in YOUR horoscope?

Aspects on Friday suggest more happy, bouncy, chatty energy to apply in your quest for world domination. I mean oil is below $100 a barrel — pinch me! Moon goes void at 4:12PM EST, suggesting you get whatever agenda is of importance off your desk before then — and chill! Moon enters Cancer for the rest of the weekend, turning our focus on our need for emotional security, the comforts of home, Mom and apple pie (good for Mothers’ Day on Sunday). If there’s any excitement to be had, the odds favor Saturday. Watch for spats and power plays…but feel free to shop, especially if it’s for a home-related project. Sunday with Mom could be over-the-top, with challenges to Moon from loving Venus, Mercury and expansive Jupiter. Fortunately, challenges from those planets are rarely that stressful. Just be careful not to overindulge.

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