Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 5/9/2011: Idealism in the horoscope

There’s plenty of potential for a banner week, and at the very least, continued good cheer, starting with the Moon entering sunny, royal, playful, adorable (in its own mind) Leo at 5:35AM EST. Following that we have an exact hook up between Mercury (mind) and Venus (social expression) in the impulsive, direct, “leap before you look” sign of Aries. When Mercury and Venus get together, idealism is often the name of the game. Everything is wonderful! Impossible things can happen! We’re committed to nuclear power! (They actually said that in Japan over the weekend, which might well become a clear example of the dangers of idealistic thinking

But sometimes, the magic in magical thinking can be real. At least one miracle did happen here in New York on Friday morning. A baby red-tailed hawk pecked its way out of an egg in a nest overlooking Washington Square (you can see the nest live on the Hawk Cam — more fun than television! Red-tailed hawks are a big deal in New York, and this nest is an especially big deal because 1) it has a Hawk Cam; and 2) “experts” had declared just a few days ago that there was no way these eggs were going to hatch; it was too late. But not too late, apparently, with planetary patterns like we’ve got right now which continue suggest hope, promise, expansion, abundance in an ‘everything happens for the best” kind of way.

It’s Monday. You’ve been advised on the potential pitfalls of idealistic thinking. Otherwise, go for it!

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