Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 3/29/2013 & the Weekend: Deep Thoughts

Another day with an interesting dichotomy. On the one hand, we have the potential for big optimistic ideas and communication, based on intuition, delusion or whatever buzz is in the air and quite possibly acted on impulsively. Why? Because mental Mercury is challenged by expansive, cosmic sugar daddy Jupiter at 12:56PM ET.  And we’ll have fallout from yesterday’s wildly electric hook-up among rebel Uranus, Sun and Venus (money, art, women) in pioneering Aries. How about those U.S. stock markets yesterday, huh? Pretty darned optimistic, given that they hit another record high.  A market master proclaims the signals the market is sending are “unusual”. Ya think?

On the other hand, the Scorpio Moon offers a dose of skepticism and demands for investigative research, focus and control, as it meets up with stern Saturn at 2:13PM ET. If your agenda includes digging up dirt, organizing facts and otherwise cutting to the chase, today’s planetary patterns can support you. Take a long cathartic break at 4:25PM ET when the Moon goes void of course until 11:13PM ET on SATURDAY. Remember the void rules: resist the urge to make impulse purchases; root for the underdog; be patient with whatever twists you may encounter in your efforts to move purposefully forward in a straight line and chill, baby, chill.

Important Safety Tip: be especially mindful of the potential for emotional overkill, power plays and witchy-bitchy women from late Friday until early Sunday, as ruthless Pluto in Capricorn will challenge Venus in Aries. The sign of the Ram is a tough placement for Venus, often suggesting a consummate flirt with an overwhelming need for approval and great sensitivity to rejection. On the plus side, this aspect can also suggest passion of the juiciest kind…

Sunday’s Moon in Sagittarius (sign of the philosopher-clown) is bright and bouncy, ready for a gamble or a gambol. Once it clears the aforementioned Venus-Pluto square at 6:10AM ET, you are free to broaden your horizons. Have an opinionated debate. Take in a show. Get outside. Whatever feathers that were ruffled in the wee hours may be stroked by noon when jolly Jupiter engages in an communicative, delightful and indulgent connection with Venus.

Sunday night ends with a potential rumble, power play or transformation as the fiery Aries Sun is squared by potent Pluto. News from underground, including covert efforts to assert control are likely to hit the headlines — and have been hitting them all week. Appreciation to the avid reader who sent in this covert effort, a.k.a. a little provision dubbed “The Monsanto Protection Act” that was allegedly “slipped” into a spending bill signed into law a few days ago by President Obama. How to put such a story into a simple astro-logical context is a complicated question, but I will try: efforts made by the Established Order to control resources (Pluto in Capricorn, aided and abetted by Saturn in Scorpio). I imagine it will take a quantum leap of awareness, much as we saw this week with the outpouring of support for marriage equality, to turn this tide. Hmmm….rebel Uranus is in fearless Aries and challenging Pluto in Capricorn for the next two years. Quantum leap, eh? It could happen…

And now, some more deep thoughts, presented by the legendary Jack Handey.

Have a Happy Easter!

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