Astro-logical Forecast for Sunday 6/12/2011: Postcards from the Void

Even astrologers need a break from the daily grind. After posting Thursday’s forecast at the town library in a rural Maine outpost, I put my astrological calendar away and decided to freewheel it. I spent Friday at Best Buy with the proprietors of my cabin-in-the-woods retreat, researching computers and communication devices needed to bring them into the second decade of the 21st Century. Turned out to be a fine application of the serious focus suggested by this week’s Mercury (mind, communication) trine from practical Saturn, as well as yesterday’s hook-up between Saturn and Moon. True to the Libra Moon’s spirit, we debated the pros and cons that evening and reached a decision on what to purchase, and vowed to return the next day to get the goods.

We bought the computer and mobile wifi thingamajig (actual technical term) as planned, and both are fabulous, though it seemed to take hours to get out of the store. However, another gizmo — an impulse purchase —  I thought I needed to transfer data from the old computer to the new one turned out to be the wrong gizmo. And it took us half an hour to figure out how to turn the mobile wifi thingamajig off; I was seriously thinking it was defective and would have to be returned. I actually placed a phone call to the service provider for assistance. Some days you need extra help with an on/off switch — d’oh!

But hmmm…impulse purchases that prove unsatisfactory; sudden crises that turn out to be “much ado about nothing” — what was happening among the planets on Saturday? Can you guess? Indeed, the Moon was void of course from 4:04AM until 8:33PM EDT, as I discovered just minutes ago. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Moon has now entered the intense sign of Scorpio, shifting the emotional tone of the past couple of days from airy to watery. Scorpio needs to go deep in its quest for knowledge for the sake of power and control. Sunday and Monday that quest is supported by an equally intense, informative hook-up between Mercury (mind, communication) and the Sun in pixie-ish chatterbox sign of Gemini. Add idealism to that Mercury-Sun connection and watch the headlines for the most creative spin. What bright ideas do you have today? Write them down, especially if you are artistically inclined. Talk about them. Get out and mingle. You might meet a real maverick type — or read about them in the headlines. Innovative Uranus in a supportive connection to Venus, planet of art, money, beauty and love favors encounters of the unusual — but stimulating kind. Let these planetary connections carry you through the next few days.

Just before midnight — at 11:52PM EDT Sunday — Saturn turns direct. More on that in tomorrow’s forecast.

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