Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 4/1/2013: Your April Fool’s Punchline Here

As reported last week, the work week begins with a optimistic bust: the high-flying, mind-expanding Moon in Sagittarius is void-of-course as of 1AM ET…not to enter enterprising Capricorn until 1:35AM ET on Tuesday. Are you extending the long weekend (for many) by one more day? Great — you’re not missing anything at the office. So no need to stress out if you are working and happen to be running late.

I say “optimistic” bust because despite the lack of lunar connections which otherwise help move actions forward in a straight line, the feisty Aries Sun makes a supportive connection with jolly Jupiter at 8:24AM ET. Perhaps the worst that could be said about this aspect is the potential for righteous opinions that may be flying around, though it is possible that they may be in response in whatever power play happened on Sunday, given ruthless Pluto squaring the Sun at 11:03PM ET. Sending F-22 fighter jets to North Korea, anyone?

Pluto squaring the impulsive Aries Sun, combined with the still-relevant Mars (aggression) hook-up with erratic/shocking Uranus, both also in impulsive Aries, suggests still more acts of disturbing and seemingly random violence. There were plenty of reports of shootings all weekend; check your local front page for details. News from underground is also a Pluto theme, as is energy/resources, so it is no surprise to see this icky news footage of an oil spill in Arkansas — running like a river down a suburban street. And how about this report of excavations in the Sudan?

In other news, nebulous Neptune has been running wild in the heavens for several days now, suggesting that the following themes have been pulling focus since then, including, but not limited to, the following:  drugs, oil, ocean, delusion, spirit and sacrifice. Regarding the last item, I was intrigued to see this article grace the front page of the New York Times Sunday Magazine — “Is Giving the Secret to Getting Ahead?” As opposed to ruthless exploitation? Wow. What a concept….

Back to you in the studio….


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