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Monday 3/11/2024: Sneak Peek at a Possibly Wiggy Week; SOTU, the Oscars, the Royals and More

Allllrighty then!

This is the last full week of the Sun in Pisces,  i.e., the end of the astrological year. Next Tuesday — on March 19th —  a new cycle begins when the Sun leaves Pisces for Aries.  Some people may experience the last days of Pisces as if it really is THE END — and thus conclude that this is Not A Good Thing. Sun in Pisces feels so darn much, and all that wallowing in empathy and suffering may seem overwhelming and hopeless. We are likely to see a few headlines this week of some who failed to pass the test of the Pisces upside, which is faith. Without faith, it is impossible to believe that there’s a new dawn just around the corner. But there is.

As it says in the Messiah’s Handbook

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.

It is appropriate for some things to end at this time.  Resistance is futile — but consider this: life might be even better with wings!

This is also a week with only one exact planetary pattern among the planets, except for the Moon, and that exact pattern is days away — on Sunday morning. In my 15 years of reporting on the astonishing synchronicity of planetary patterns and the news, I’ve noticed that a several days’ stretch of no contact among the planets (save to the Moon) usually “coincides” with events akin to an ice shelf suddenly collapsing into sea. No warning — the landscape is forever changed — just like that. One example of such a week was the death of Queen Elizabeth. If an actual ice shelf collapses (as they have before under these conditions), I won’t be surprised.

Highlights this week are:

  • Venus enters Pisces on Monday
  • 13-hour Moon void on Tuesday
  • Sun conjunct Neptune on Sunday

It goes like this:

  • MONDAY: Arise, go forth and conquer. The Aries Moon drives the next two days with a need to inspire and go where no one has gone before — boldly! There are no exact aspects to the Moon, however; which may increase the odds of initiatives having more of an Aries (per Aries astrologer Rick Levine) “Ready! Fire! Aim!” quality than usual. Note that Venus is at the verrrrry end of Aquarius today; ergo, social expression, values, money, women, and aesthetics make carry a sense of urgency in their need for social significance and humanitarian achievement. Will MAGA Moscow Mike Johnson bring that bill to help Ukraine defend itself against Putin’s army, NOW, please?
  • MONDAY (cont.): At 5:50 PM ET, Venus leaves “who’s your buddy?” Aquarius for the soulful depths of Pisces. Whereas Venus in Aquarius can take a scientific approach to relationships some find a bit detached and/or maddening, Venus in Pisces does not need to analyze; it just feels intuitively, with compassion and empathy. See if you notice that shift in social expression over the next few weeks. Venus is exalted in Pisces, i.e., possibly put on a pedestal — which increases the effectiveness of matters related to Venus through April 4th. The downside of any planet that is in the sign of its exaltation is that while it may be convincing enough to close a deal, time will tell if it lives up to expectations. But overall, Venus in Pisces may well improve matters involving women, money, values, and aesthetics. Meanwhile, if you have to get something off your desk, today is better than tomorrow for shipping matters you wish to be of consequence — at least during business hours.
  • TUESDAY: A sextile between the Moon and Mars gets early risers off to a productive start. Moon goes void immediately thereafter — 7:07 AM ET — for the next 13 hours. You know the Moon void drill: roll with the twists and flakes; avoid impulse purchases; stick to routine (if you must be at the office); take time to wander if you can. Crises that crop up during Moon voids are usually much ado about nothing, so chill! At 8:28 PM ET, Moon enters Taurus, where it functions with most excellent efficiency, especially if the task at hand involves preserving the status quo and/or building material comfort and security. Its a fine night for sensual delights, especially with a sextile between the Moon and that exalted Venus at 10:56 PM ET.
  • WEDNESDAY: A day that could be good for the business, as the Taurus Moon and Saturn form a cooperative alignment (a sextile), exact at 3:30 PM ET. A conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter at 7:12 PM ET suggests optimism and expansion, especially in matters of material security.
  • THURSDAY: That being said, patterns this morning are designed to spark action, after a moment of revelation. Moon meets up with Uranus at 6 AM ET, surprise, surprise. Push may come to shove around 12 PM ET, when Moon squares Mars. Balance is regained thereafter, as Moon sextiles Sun at 1:56 PM ET. Moon goes void  with a dreamy sigh at 6:29 PM ET, as it sextiles Neptune. Chill for the next (almost) five hours. Moon enters Gemini at 11:15 PM ET, seeking facts and chatter about the facts. A trine to Pluto at 1:59 PM ET on…
  • FRIDAY: …digs deep. Meanwhile, the chatty buzz of the Gemini Moon squares the silent, sensitive, soulfulness of Venus in Pisces, exact at 6:59 AM ET. The buzz builds throughout the business day, with a prescient message sent around 6:10 PM ET, as Moon sextiles Mercury (in Aries, always ahead of its time). The message is likely weighty, reflecting the square between Moon and Saturn at 8:05 PM ET.
  • SATURDAY: More of the Gemini Moon buzz, buzz, buzz, as the more ways to spin it, the more entertaining it is (to clever Gemini).  A trine between the Moon and Mars at 9:02 PM ET facilitates actions and sleights of hand.  Humming in the background all week, and exact at 7:22 AM ET on…
  • SUNDAY: …is the Sun’s annual conjunction with Neptune. Sun refers to leaders of business and state; vitality, energy; the heart. Neptune refers to healing, lies, scandal, inspiration, drugs, spirits of all kinds, victims, martyrs, refugees, intangibles, photography, oil, oceans, poisons. Watch for these themes in the news. Headlines from past Sun-Neptune conjunctions are here and here.
  • SUNDAY (cont.): Before the Sun meets up with Neptune, the Gemini Moon squares Sun and Neptune at 12:10 AM ET and 12:42 AM ET. Discerning fact from fiction may be doubly challenged, reflecting the Gemini Moon (fact) squaring Sun-Neptune (fiction, dreams, ideals). It’s worth noting that this square activates a point known as the Galactic Center, situated at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. The Galactic Center is a “supermassive black hole” around which everything in our galaxy revolves. The black hole seems to be a source of massive radio waves, so if one had a planet or point around 27 Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini, and Pisces, that planet/point might be exceptionally tuned in to messages from Central Command. That’s the theory, in any case. Neptune is at 27 Pisces for the rest of the month — watch the headlines for messages from the beyond. Off the top of my head, Prince William has a 27 Sagittarius Ascendant; Billie Eilish has Sun at 26 Sagittarius. More on that later.
  • SUNDAY (cont.): Moon goes void at 12:42 AM ET for the next five hours. Chill! Moon enters Cancer at 5:40 AM ET, now focused on establishing emotional, family, home, and homeland security. The U.S. Congress seems to be more productive when the Moon is in Cancer, so maybe they’ll do something noble over the next two days. It’s the last two days of the astrological new year fer chrissakes; the Sun is fast approaching the Aries Point (0 degrees Aries). A trine between the Moon and Venus at 7:54 PM ET gives us hope.

And now, the news…

…from the State of the Union to Katie Britt to Nancy Mace to Viktor Orban to the Oscars and more…

…all reflecting the unique horoscopes of the parties concerned, against the backdrop of last week’s patterns:

  • Mars square Uranus: aggression, warriors, testosterone, the head, cars, aviation, accidents, astrology, technology, rebellion, disruption of the status quo
  • Sun sextile Uranus: cooperative spirit among leaders; innovation, technology, for better or worse
  • Mercury conjunct Neptune: how we need to think, colored in assorted shades of rose: e.g.,  ideals, lies, confusion, fog, drugs, scandals
  • Mercury sextile Pluto: adds themes of power and resources; investigative dirt; news from underground

First…file this one under “I told you so:”

Avid Readers were advised that the White House “pill mill,” first made public in a Dept. of Defense report released on the Mercury-Neptune square of January 8th, would likely get more attention close to the March 8th Mercury-Neptune conjunction. Thus, I’m pleased to report that the “Navy demoted White House physician Ronny Jackson (R-TX) after probe into White House behavior.” Turns out that Jackson was demoted to captain in July 2022, after the completion of the DoD report (which wasn’t made public back then). Jackson continues to falsely claim he’s a retired rear-admiral. Astrology is amazing.

Second…assorted headlines reflecting the Mars-Uranus square, combined with Mercury-Neptune:

And this brings us up to the State of the Union. The scheduled start time of 9 PM ET was already auspicious, with the fixed star Spica on the 23 Libra Ascendant. Ahead of the event, I ran the transits on the SOTU chart, noting a provocative power play around 9:18 PM ET. So when former Senator Al Franken asked his Twitter followers, “what’s the over/under on when Marjorie Taylor Greene yells at POTUS?” I typed (at 9:04 PM ET),  “around 9:18 PM ET, unless she chokes on the gum she’s chomping…” As it turned out, Biden was running late, and he entered the House chambers at….9:17 PM ET — power arrives! And within two minutes, as he walked through the crowd, guess who got right in his face? Marjorie Taylor Greene. Alas, the response to astrology’s accurate call was…crickets.

Meanwhile, before Biden’s arrival, WaPo journalists providing color commentary couldn’t stop talking about the surprisingly upbeat, energetic and “jovial mood” of the crowd in the House. Jovial? As in:

  • THURSDAY: The only exact aspect is a square between Jupiter and the Moon, which suggests enthusiasm and expansion. That’s the energy leading up to President Biden’s State of the Union address at 9 PM ET in Washington, D.C….

…not to mention the literally jovial condition of Biden’s natal Mars (in Scorpio, which needs to act with forceful depth, substance, and precision), amplified by transiting Jupiter! And that’s pretty much how the SOTU speech went, as you can see and/or read here.

I didn’t watch the live broadcast of the Republican response to Biden’s address, but within the hour there was so much fuss about it on the Twitter, that I checked out what we know about the horoscope of Katie Britt, the better of Alabama’s two senators, perhaps. Born Feb 2, 1982 in Montgomery, AL (time unknown), we can appreciate Britt being pushed into the spotlight, given transiting Jupiter (expansion) squaring her Sun-Mercury in Aquarius, and opposing her “woman on a mission” natal Jupiter in Scorpio. Without a birth time, she has Moon somewhere between 21 Taurus or 5 Gemini — what do you think?  Late Taurus/early Gemini would give her a Moon-Uranus opposition — quite the maverick. More concerning is a trio of planets: Mars, Saturn and Pluto in conflict-averse Libra square her Venus — retrograde — in strategic, “know your place” Capricorn. The squares to Venus from Saturn and Pluto suggest a severity and/or controls in matters of who, what, and how she needs to love…and the Pluto connection adds emotional extremes. Ya think?

On March 7, Britt had two exact patterns that would give any astrologer pause. First, transiting South Node was on her Mars, suggesting a toxic release involving some kind of people-pleasing action or assertion, perhaps. Second, transiting Mercury was square her Neptune, and so, with a quick look at astrologer’s Rob Hand’s take, I posted this on the Twitter in response to a link to the video of Britt’s bizarre presentation:

Here’s her horoscope for 3/7: “a day of considerable confusion; be wary of idealizing persons /situations; difficulty relating to the world as it really is; avoid misrepresentation/distortion of the truth, even if you think it might be polite to mislead.”

In her synopsis of Biden’s SOTU speech, Heather Cox Richardson noted only that the fact that Republicans thought it would be awesome for a female U.S. senator to give a speech from her kitchen pretty much said it all. But if you happened to watch the rebuttal, one part that was especially disturbing was Britt’s account of a trip she’d taken to the border, where she met a woman who’d been the victim of sex trafficking…a point Britt felt a need to make in exceedingly graphic detail…at which point, I stopped watching, because it seemed that Britt was really getting off on telling this story, and it was creepy.

Now…here’s where the astrology gets interesting. Planetary patterns strongly advised against distorting the truth, yes? And by the end of the following day — International Women’s Day — independent journalist Jonathan M. Katz (not the mainstream media) made the most of the investigative potential of the weekend’s Mercury-Pluto sextile and dug up the facts on the woman in Britt’s story. Here is his riveting presentation.  Then, the good folks at SNL spent all day Saturday writing a brilliant cold open, in which Scarlett Johansson put Britt’s cynical, distorted reality into proper, illuminating perspective, just as Mercury entered Aries, adding prominence to any message launched. Fun fact: transiting Mercury was squaring Johansson’s Neptune on Saturday — the same pattern that should have cautioned Britt against distorting truth! In Johansson’s case, the Mercury-Neptune contact serves as pixie-dust that is appropriate, given that everyone knows she is acting, and we are all in on the joke. Right?

As for Britt, she spent her weekend on talk shows, lying about having lied, whilst the sex trafficking victim in Britt’s distorted story (Karla Jacinto Romero, now an activist) gave her own interview to set the record straight.

Speaking of distortions…

It was Mothers’ Day in the UK, and Buckingham Palace released a photo of Princess Catherine and her three children. Catherine has not been seen in public since the Christmas holidays. She is recovering from an abdominal surgery, details of which are unknown. As it turns out, reflecting the wiggy potential of the weekend’s Mercury-Neptune conjunction, the photograph was pulled almost as soon as it was released because it was not a photo of any real moment in time. In other words, the photo had been Photoshopped…big time.

It can be ghoulish to write about sensitive matters — e.g., death and illness — involving public figures. But this weird incident made me examine Catherine’s horoscope, as well as Prince William’s. As noted previously, William has a 27 Sagittarius Ascendant, and Neptune — which dissolves whatever it touches — is squaring it. Translation: we can appreciate potential bewilderment or wipe-out. Meanwhile, transiting Saturn has just squared Mercury — ruler of his 7th house –– the public and his spouse. Translation: a potential gravitas, cuts, losses and/or added responsibilities in these matters.

In Catherine’s horoscope (note that the birth time is unconfirmed), we immediately see that three planets and possibly her MC/IC axis (public status and family of origin), were eclipsed last October. The eclipse was triggered at the end of December — and that’s the last time Catherine was seen in public. Just like that — out of sight. If the 7 PM birth time is correct, we may see a change of status later this month, as transiting Uranus — ruler of her presumed 7th house — opposes her presumed Leo Ascendant. Translation: a potential need for greater independence with respect to the public and partnership concerns.

OK…what else…

…did you watch the Oscars? Oppenheimer won big, as anticipated. Acceptance speeches reflected a humanitarian spirit (example: Emma Stone) and a celebration of individual uniqueness (example Da’Vine Joy) — very Mars square Uranus with Sun sextile Uranus. Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces was reflected in plenty of pixie-dust (as predicted), with plenty of mermaid dresses, as in this from Vogue, “Shells! Sequins! Fishtails!”  Yes, astrology is reflected in fashion, too.

File this under “I told you so” (because I told you last Monday to watch for him in the news this weekend, with Mercury at the verrrrry end of Pisces, on the Aries Point): Alexei Navalny was prominently featured in the opening of the Oscars’ In Memoriam tribute.


…it is interesting that Beth Owl’s Daughter’s always-in-sync Tarot Card of the Week is one that hasn’t been seen since August 2021 and conveys an image of a bully seemingly victorious. August 2021 was when I took notice of what Tucker Carlson was doing during the Tokyo Olympics: broadcasting from Budapest, presenting Hungary’s “illiberal democracy” as a model for the future of the United States. I was compelled then to write about Viktor Orban’s horoscope for my column in Mountain Astrologer.  

Guess where Orban was over the weekend? Visiting the man who just put his daughter-in-law Lara “anyone who doesn’t support my father-in-law is no longer welcome in the Republican Party” Tr#mp, in control of the Republican National Party, (which today is “an absolute bloodbath,” with scores of staffers sacked). This same man, whom a  jury found liable for the sexual assault and defamation of E. Jean Carroll (to the tune of $91 million), lauded Orban for being “a non-controversial figure because he says, ‘This is the way it’s going to be,’ and that’s the end of it. Right? He’s the boss.”

I don’t know about you, but I prefer my fearless leaders not to behave like mobsters.

In this last full week of Pisces, let’s all be kind…and keep the faith. Remember that time is not linear. What appears to be the end of the world, is just a cue for a new cycle to begin.

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Thank you for supporting this forecast — and sharing it with your friends.


My weekend in NYC was an apt reflection of the Mars – Uranus square and the Mercury-Neptune conjunction. Astrology is everywhere — and here.

From Futuristic Ancestry: Warp Matter and Space-Time(s) by Josèfa Ntjam (b. 1992). Ntjam is a French artist, performer, and writer whose practice combines sculpture, photomontage, film, and sound.