Monday 5/13/2024: Sneak Peek at the Week, Sponsored by Taurus, Electrified

Allrighty then!

This entire week is sponsored mainly by planets in Taurus, the sign that needs needs needs to maintain the status quo and build material comfort and security. Other planets in Taurus — hello, chaos agent Uranus –may have Other Plans.

Highlights this week:

  • Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus on Monday
  • Venus in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces on Monday
  • Mercury enters Taurus on Wednesday
  • Mercury square Pluto in Aquarius on Friday
  • Venus conjunct Uranus on Saturday
  • Sun conjunct Jupiter on Saturday
  • Sun sextile Neptune on Sunday, during a 30-hour Moon void

It’s worth noting that Mars — the energy of action, assertion, and aggression — is running wild all week. It’s quite strong in Aries, the sign it rules, but it’s not connected to any other planet. Ergo, it may be challenged to get support for its crusades…and perhaps the lack of connection will make itself known in a 100% Aries –i.e,  my way or the highway; let’s get this party started — modus operandi. Watch the headlines.

It goes like this — and Monday is a recap of what I sent over the weekend:

  • MONDAY…Mercury will be at 27 Aries, where it was when it turned retrograde on April 1. Finally we are out of the shadow period and ready for our minds to cover new ground, as opposed to reviewing old territory. Keep an eye on Kamala Harris, as her horoscope is affected, as is the horoscope of the United States. And so are you, if you have planets around 27 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Moon sextiles Jupiter at 12:52 AM ET and squares Mercury at 12:56 AM ET on…
  • MONDAY: Obviously there will be no sleeping in, given the buzz of the Sun-Uranus conjunction, exact at 5:13 AM ET.  But note your dreams, as Moon’s trine to Neptune at 5:12 AM ET may open channels.  At 6:36 AM ET, Moon enters Leo, driving the start of the week with a need to shine, take the stage, throw a party or a royal tantrum. A catharsis of power play is not unlikely, as Moon opposes Pluto at 10:34 AM ET. Matters involving money, women, art, and social expression find a balance in the aftermath of the Sun-Uranus conjunction, reflecting the potential of a sextile between Venus and Saturn, exact at 3:45 PM ET. An easy flow of fiery action and other crusades is supported, reflecting the trine between Moon and Mars, exact at 2:48 AM ET on…
  • TUESDAY. Moon in Leo continues to drive the drama-rama today, with an adjustment required in matters of women and worth around 7:47 PM ET, as Moon squares Venus.
  • WEDNESDAY: An early AM wake-up call could be yours, as Moon squares Uranus at 3:58 AM ET. Further tension and adjustments around 7:47 AM ET reflect the First Quarter Moon, as the needs of the king or queen for adulation challenge the available fuel — i.e., the stability-preserving Taurus Sun (not to mention the Midheaven and Leo Mars of  Defendant Drumpf). Anyone with planet around 25 degrees of Taurus is affected, and off the top of my head that includes Taylor Swift, Israel, and a plethora of U.S. politicians. A surge of exuberance and/or over-confidence captures our attention around 12:41 PM ET, as Moon squares Jupiter. Chill during the ensuring five-hour Moon void. The Leo Moon is wandering without focus, and you could, too. Stick to routine concerns; avoid major purchases, and don’t make a mountain out of a molehill of crisis.
  • WEDNESDAY: At 1:05 PM ET, Mercury (how we need to think and communicate) gets out of me-me-me Aries and enters Taurus. Watch, as information, mindset and communication may join so many other planets in their comparatively slower, more deliberate (so they hope), trek in the Sign of the Bulls and Heifers. At 5:32 PM ET, Moon enters Virgo with a clean-up crew, determined to sort everything out and make things right. A trine to Mercury at 6:03 PM ET helps steady the mindset of whoever is driving the action.
  • THURSDAY: the drive for perfection in exacting details is running wild and possibly driven to extremes. Moon travels through the cosmos without contact to any other planet all day, as investigative reporters are digging up dirt like it’s going out of style. The “news from underground” potential reflects the square between Mercury and Pluto, exact at 3:43 AM ET on…
  • FRIDAY…and if you have planets around 2 degrees of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio, you’re more personally affected than most. What comes out this morning may feel like a thud, a block, or a heavy authoritative advance, as Moon opposes Saturn at 5:48 AM ET, but it may well be offset by other patterns over the weekend that suggest lush, dreamy abundance among unconventional attractions and alliances. We’ll get a sneak peek of the innovative potential this afternoon, as the Virgo Moon trines Venus (money, worth, art, women) and Uranus (aviation, innovation, surprise twists) at 3:14 PM ET and 4:53 PM ET.
  • SATURDAY: More ease of action carries us through the wee hours, as Moon trines Sun and Jupiter at 1:53 AM ET and 2:41 AM ET, respectively. Note your dreams upon waking; Moon opposes visionary Neptune at 5:08 AM ET. Moon enters Libra at 6:22 AM ET now seeking diplomatic harmony, and being appreciated for achieving its quest. But as I said, alliances and attraction may be unconventional this week, as Venus meets up with Uranus in Taurus at 7:40 AM ET. Markets could be volatile, too — and in a big way, given the Sun’s annual meet-up with Jupiter at 2:45 PM ET. If you have planets or angles around 28 degrees of just about any sign (but especially Taurus), you could try your luck on a couple of lottery tickets.  The only aspect to the Moon during waking hours in the Americas is a depth-seeking trine between the Libra Moon and Pluto, exact at 10:31 AM ET.
  • SUNDAY: Welp. It could get off to a provocative start, as the Libra Moon’s need for fairness and conflict avoidance is opposed by Mars, powerfully placed in Aries, the sign it rules. If a conflict crops up, note that the Moon goes void on that opposition and 11:48 AM ET…for the next 30 hours. That’s right, not until 6:34 PM on MONDAY…and by then, the Sun will have ditched Taurus for Gemini. So…getting us through this long void is the Sun at the verrrrrry end of Taurus, where it connects with the fixed star Alcyone, associated with “love and eminence,” as well as “blindness.” Alcyone is one of the Pleiades — a.k.a., the Seven Sisters. Venus and Jupiter will connect with Alcyone next week. Meanwhile, during the long Moon void, the Sun sextiles Neptune at 6:45 PM ET, possibly reflecting themes of healing and forgiveness in the news. That would be the upside potential. Neptune also refers to deception, toxins, victims, and sacrifice. That would be a downside potential.

And now, the news.

As anticipated in the weekend forecast, Kamala Harris did make news with transiting Mercury conjunct her impulsive Aries Moon and opposing her Libra Sun.

In general, we could file the above story in the folder labeled “Sun conjunct Uranus” (disruptive leaders) + Venus sextile Saturn (women mean business). Also in that folder:

Told ya on Saturday that this should be a big week for President Biden, challenging as it may be to find stories about him among all the tawdry dreck of the man who lauded the life of Hannibal Lecter (a fictional serial-killer/cannibal) at his last rally and confused Jimmy Carter with Jimmy Connors.

UPDATE: it’s been ages since we last looked at what we know of TFG’s former fixer Michael Cohen, who is telling the world what he knows about the crimes his former boss is on trial for…at least this week, in New York. Cohen’s horoscope suggests extremes of power and control, with a possible anguished effort. It looks expansive for him around June 5th…so…we’ll see how rewarded he is feeling then.


Barron Trump turned 18 in March, and that means he’ll be able to vote, which makes him an adult. Here is his horoscope Sun is at 29 Pisces — at the Aries Point, so we see how he is born to attract attention. Transiting Neptune is on his Sun for the rest of the year and into 2025 — this could be a bewildering time. Barron has a Pisces Ascendant, and Saturn will make three passes over it (one has just happened), suggesting isolation — on the one hand — or maybe a more clearly-defined sense of self (countering the confusion potential of Neptune on the Sun). Mercury and Uranus are on the Ascendant; we see how he is likely to stand out from the rest of the pack. His Moon is in Sagittarius — like his father’s, and so we see how he needs to be respected for his righteous opinions.

Barron made news over the weekend when he was invited to be a delegate to the Republican Convention in July. He would have been the youngest delegate, but his mother issued a statement declining the honor, because of “prior commitments.”

In other news…

Vladimir Putin’s horoscope (the one many astrologers use; we don’t have an AA-rated birth time) continues to function as anticipated, i.e., realizing potential for expansion and disruption, as Jupiter and Uranus make contact with planets and angles. He was just sworn in for a fifth term, and he’s shaking up his cabinet.

Finally, in historian Heather Cox Richardson’s latest column, she notes how much time she devotes to explaining how power and resources shifted between 1933 and 1981. There’s an astrological correlation, as many Avid Readers will recall, because around 1933 was when the US horoscope experienced transiting Pluto opposing its natal Pluto…and around 1981 was when the US horoscope began to experience transiting Pluto square Pluto. In 2022, and briefly in the fall of 2023, the US experienced its Pluto Return (Pluto conjunct Pluto). So we see how these hard aspects to the US natal Pluto by transiting Pluto “coincide” with the transfer of power and resources from one faction to another. Clear?

HCR goes on to address (without the astro-logic, obviously), the myth of the American cowboy, which I’ve noted over and over in prior columns that this idealization of this macho, self-reliant, hero is a reflection of two patterns in the U.S. horoscope. One is the Mars (hero) – Neptune (idealization) square; the other is the Sun (ego identity) – Saturn (isolated) square. With transiting Neptune now at the end of Pisces, it is within orb of the US Neptune at 1 Libra, so it makes sense that we look at some of our ideals at this time.

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