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Tuesday 9/5/2023: Sneak Peek at a Short Work Week; Jupiter in Focus


Yesterday was a holiday in the United States — and here at the home office, too, as it turned out. Over the past few days, I found myself needing to heed my own advice during intense days of planets changing direction: turn in, and tune out. Taking time for inner reflection is a necessary maintenance task. The alternative is burnout, in which nobody wins.

At 9:20 PM ET on SUNDAY,  Venus absolutely, positively, turned direct at 12 degrees of Leo. Remember that Venus refers to who, what and how we need to love. It refers to money, worth, aesthetics, and social expression — especially in relationships. The image I use for Venus retrograde is a tin of sardines, partially open, revealing the stinky fish. What stinky fish in Venus-ruled affairs were revealed to you over the past 40 days? How did this impact your conduct in relationships? If you are familiar with your horoscope, and know what house Venus is in now, this will give you more information on the area of your life that was up for REview. It will take until October 8th for Venus to return to where it was when it turned retrograde in July. Between now and then, we may have opportunities to implement some of our Venus retrograde realizations.

When a planet is changing direction, it slows to a virtual standstill from our perspective on Spaceship Earth. This standstill lasts for several days, and matters related to that planet may be blaring in the headlines, not unlike the sound of a driver leaning on their horn. It was fascinating to see this article in the NYT a few days ago:

Astrology is amazing.

Venus turned direct at 12 degrees 12 minutes of Leo. The  Sabian Symbol for this focal point is “an old sea captain rocking,” which suggests a holding pattern, according to astrologer Blain Bovee.  Makes sense, with so many other planets currently retrograde.On the other hand, astrologer Lynda Hill offers this caveat:

this Symbol can sometimes indicate wanting to retire and withdraw from life too much so that it interferes with the ability to make a living or feel like contributing to society.

Highlights for this short work week are:

  • Mercury Rx trines Jupiter on Monday
  • Jupiter goes retrograde on Monday
  • Sun conjunct Mercury Rx on Wednesday
  • Sun trines Jupiter on Friday

And it goes like this:

  • MONDAY: I expected big news over the weekend in matters of publishing, broadcasting, sports, courts, horses — all things related to Jupiter.  Why? Mercury trines Jupiter at 6:28 AM ET.  And here’s a bit of big news:  “Former NYT and BBC exec Mark Thompson will lead CNN.” It’s fascinating that Thompson officially starts on October 9th, when Venus finally exits Leo for Virgo, where it’s been since June 5th. Thompson’s predecessor, Chris Licht, was fired on June 7th.
  • MONDAYJupiter turned retrograde at 10:10 AM ET.

A pause, while we discuss Jupiter retrograde. Jupiter refers to growth and reward. It also refers to excess. Jupiter is halfway through Taurus, which refers to earthly possessions and structures, material comforts and security. Taurus is an Earth sign. When Earth gets too hot, it turns to dust. When it gets too wet, it turns to mud. As Jupiter has slowed to its turning point over the past two weeks, “too hot” and “too wet” have certainly demanded focus in the news. In the Nevada desert, for example, tens of thousands of Venus-in-Leo revelers were literally stuck in the mud at Burning Man.

The Sabian Symbol for this Jupiter retrograde is “an old man vainly trying to reveal the Mysteries.” This old man may not succeed at imparting his wisdom, but he’s going to give it his best effort, regardless. Astrologer James Burgess has a helpful take on this cryptic Symbol. It is fascinating to note that this degree — 16 Taurus –– is the same degree as last November’s volatile Full Moon, which 1) was an eclipse; and 2) happened on Election Day.  Jupiter hasn’t yet arrived at the precise degree of the November eclipse, but it is within several minutes of it, and is arguably triggering an expansive release of developments that are related to whatever was brewing back then. It will take until March 25, 2024 for Jupiter to arrive precisely at 16 degrees Taurus, and it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a sudden expansion of matters related to November 8th and this Jupiter retrograde at that time.

Jupiter entered Taurus on May 16th, where it will stay until May 24th. Jupiter will be retrograde until December 30th, backing up to 5 degrees of Taurus. Wherever 5 – 15 degrees of Taurus fall in your horoscope is where you may notice a review  or delays in projects intended for maximum growth.

  • TUESDAY: Moon is in Taurus (where it was all day yesterday), driving most of today with a need to build and maintain material comfort and security. If your email contained upsetting news, it may have reflected the sudden break suggested by Moon’s meet-up with Uranus, exact at 3:27 AM ET. Depth and vision can enrich the rest of the morning, as Moon sextiles Neptune at 9:59 AM ET, and then trines Pluto at 12:45 PM ET. Chill during the 3 1/2 hour Moon void. At 4:06 PM ET, Moon enters Gemini, seeking to be the smartest kid in the room — and probably talk about it, too. An authoritative block or advance weighs in around 9:49 PM ET, as Moon squares Saturn.  Executing the marching orders of the aforementioned authority is supported by Moon’s trine to Mars, exact at 3:44 AM ET on…
  • WEDNESDAY. Meanwhile, an exacting idealism about getting things right is reflected by Mercury’s meet-up with the Sun at 7:09 AM ET. Time will tell if the goal of perfection can be achieved, given that Mercury is still retrograde. If your cable is spazzing out and appointments need to be rescheduled, try to take it in stride — at least until the 15th, when Mercury turns direct. Cooperation is favored in the afternoon, as the multi-tasking Gemini Moon sextiles Venus at 3:06 PM ET. Adjustments may be required in the evening, as Moon squares Mercury at 4:45 PM ET, and then the Sun at 6:21 PM ET. Then, for the next 24 hours, the Moon travels without interference. A buzz of information (which may be only rumors, given Mercury’s retrograde) may build in size, like a snowball rolling down a mountain until 6:21 PM ET on…
  • THURSDAY, when Moon squares Neptune (and now, I’m betting on the rumors, given Neptune’s potential for smoke and mirrors).  Chill during the seven-hour Moon void. That means rolling with the twists and flakes that may disrupt efforts to move in a straight line. Avoid major purchases, especially impulsive ones. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill of crisis.
  • FRIDAY: Moon enters Cancer at 12:59 AM ET, which in the US suggests a time for Congress — now back in session after a month’s long hiatus — to get focused on building and maintaining emotional and home/homeland security. If an exceptionally generous and/or benevolent proposal makes news this week, it aptly reflects the trine (harmony) between the Sun and Jupiter at 7:12 AM ET. Those not in favor may have their say around 4:33 PM ET, when Moon squares Mars. With Mars in Libra, the argument may be that it’s simply not fair. Coordinated communication is favored around 10:56 PM ET, as Moon sextiles Mercury.
  • SATURDAY: Moon in Cancer favors enjoying the comforts of home and family, and it is well-supported today by easy contacts with Jupiter, Sun and Uranus at 7:38 AM ET, 9:48 AM ET, and 10:34 PM ET.
  • SUNDAY: Note your dreams upon waking, Moon trines Neptune at 5:36 AM ET. A power play or emotional catharsis may erupt around 8:47 AM ET, as Moon opposes Pluto — and then goes void for the next 4 hours. At 12:39 PM ET, Moon recovers its focus and enters Leo for another lonnnnnnng stretch of no contact with the other kids in the cosmic sandbox. Moon in Leo needs to shine, shine, shine, and a good coping strategy is to pay someone a compliment. A Leo Moon is apt for creative play — and for drama kings and queens to take the stage.

Meanwhile, Beth Owl’s Daughter’s always-in-sync Tarot Card of the Week suggests a need for precision and focus in thought and communication.

And now, the news.

Jupiter’s virtual standstill and retrogradation suggests a blaring focus in matters of publishing, sports, education, and expansion, for better or worse:

During last week’s long stretch of no exact aspects among the planets (except to the Moon), I anticipated a story akin to the collapse of an ice shelf into the ocean:

Despite my best intentions, I was not able to publish a recap of the headlines from the week before last, which featured a Mars-Neptune opposition (the surreal; scandal), Mars trine Pluto, Venus square Jupiter (excess) and a Sun-Saturn opposition (cuts and losses). Oh, and Mars entered Libra on August 27th, meaning it was at the Aries Point, putting matters of men, action, and aggression in the spotlight. Here are the highlights, from my notes:

That was also the date of the Republican presidential candidates’ debate. Before the debate, I wrote:

I’ll be listening closely between 8:30 PM and 8:40 PM CDT for egregiously provocative spin, as Mars and Neptune activate all the angles of the debate chart…

…and for the record, that was when the candidates were arguing about abortion, with Ron DeSantis winning the prize for most “egregiously provocative spin.” Also for the record, NY1 provided a fact-check on that and other debate topics.  It was declared that Nikki Haley — whose Sun is currently under the empowering potential of transiting Pluto — made a strong, positive impression. Vivek Ramaswamy generated excitement, which would be apt for transiting Uranus impacting his horoscope. His expansive stage is reflected by a natal Sun-Jupiter opposition, which just happens to be squared by Jupiter right now, and suggests he’s not going away until the end of March at the earliest. Chris Christie was the only man on stage who didn’t mirror the solid red tie worn by the former guy in his mug shot, and he and Asa Hutchinson were the only two who said they would not support the 91-felony-charges-and-counting front-runner should he win the party nomination, which seems surreal.  Haley wore a suffragette-white suit tinted blue, bless her heart.

Notable obituaries in the past couple of weeks:

  • Bob Barker died at 99 — or as jokesters quipped “as close to 100 as you could get without going over.” The legendary crusader for animal rights and host of The Price is Right was a Sagittarius, born with Neptune on the Midheaven opposing his Aquarius Moon; Mars conjunct a Scorpio Ascendant. Here is his horoscope.
  • Jimmy Buffett — of Margaritaville fame — was a singer-songwriter who went on to become a successful businessman. w super-practical Sun-Moon-Mars in Capricorn, who bought a restaurant so he’d always have a place to perform. Known for giving his fans a grand old time, true to the spirit of his mission-driven Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio. Here is his horoscope.

Closing with this fun Mercury retrograde story:

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Mercury retrogrades are a wonderful time to reconnect with your astrologer.

Thank you for reading — sharing — and supporting — this forecast.

An AI-generated image of Jupiter, looking back.