Wednesday 8/23/2023: It’s Debatable — and Other News Items

It’s Wednesday, and the Sun is now in Virgo, as of 5:01 AM ET. At 3:59 PM ET, Mercury turns retrograde. Here is a link to the Mercury retrograde coping strategies from Monday’s forecast.

When a planet slows to a virtual standstill and changes direction, it’s like a blaring car horn calling attention to matters related to that planet. If that planet makes a challenging aspect to another planet (or angle) in a horoscope, the horoscope is affected.

Mercury is stationing (that’s the technical term) at 22 degrees of Virgo, so any horoscope with planets/angles at 22 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces is affected. That includes the horoscope of the United States, which has a square between Mars and Neptune, at 22 Gemini and 23 Virgo, respectively. So this Mercury station is right on the US Neptune, square Mars. Are we crazy, inspired, in a healing process, or what? I’ve been writing about the US Mars-Neptune square for years, and here’s a bit from August 30, 2021 — an election year:

Now you may be wondering what is it about the American collective psyche that makes us fall in love with so many political leaders that are often not what they seem to be. Remember Bill Clinton also has Neptune and Mars on the Ascendant — that can be ever so sexy and charismatic. Barack Obama has Neptune square Sun, which — especially in one’s early years — suggests a bewildered — or bewildering — sense of identity. Was he born in Kenya or born in Hawaii? Is he a Christian or a Muslim? I’m certain I know the correct answers to those questions, and I’m certain there are people who will argue that it is still a subject of debate. A lack of crystalline clarity is typical of Neptune energy. So is being hailed as a savior.

Back to the collective American psyche, which produced Hollywood glamor and lots of charismatic religious/spiritual leaders (that savior thing again). Why? Is there an astro-logical measurement in the chart of the United States which reflects that energetic pull? Yes, in fact, there is: on July 4, 1776, Neptune in Virgo was square to Mars in clever chatterbox Gemini. If the United States were a human being, you’d immediately notice a certain glamour and magnetism. That person would likely have issues with intangibles like movies, video games, drugs, spirituality, idealism, sex appeal — and DREAMS! Let’s not forget dreams, especially The American Dream. So why do we have all these American politicians with strong Neptune in their horoscopes? I’d argue that for the collective American psyche, like attracts like.

Here’s another bit about the US Mars-Neptune square from a prior forecast.

Of the eight candidates (plus non-participant TFG) who qualified for tonight’s Republican debate, who has planets in contact with the US Mars-Neptune square, and who has a Mars-Neptune pattern, in what we know of their horoscopes? I’m writing about these candidates because Avid Readers have requested it, so here we go — in no particular order:

  • Mike Pence: Gemini Sun, probably Cancer Moon, given that he calls his wife “Mother.” Mercury at 21 Gemini; Mars square Neptune; Mercury = Mars/Neptune midpoint (time unknown)
  • Nikki Haley: (time unknown) it’s possible that her Moon is around 21-22 degrees Pisces, and if so, she also has Moon=Mercury/Neptune and Venus square Neptune.  Haley’s presidential bid was anticipated years ago in this forecast, her 29 Capricorn Sun is receiving the empowering potential of transiting Pluto conjunct her Sun.
  • Doug Burgum: (time unknown) Leo Sun; Mars at 23 Pisces; Taurus or Gemini Moon. Transiting Saturn is squaring his Jupiter, suggesting controls and strategy involving expansion. Transiting Mars is squaring his Venus – this is provocative. Transiting Uranus is squaring his Mercury — this can be disruptive. He may not have a leg to stand on — literally — because as I’m typing, it’s been reported that Burgum went to the ER last night because he injured his leg in a basketball game, and may not attend the debate.
  • Ron DeSantis: (time unknown) Sun at 21 Virgo — probably Aquarius Moon; South Node receiving conjunction from transiting Neptune
  • Tim Scott: (time unknown) Mercury at 20 Virgo; Mars conjunct Neptune; Sun in Virgo currently opposed by transiting Neptune;  Moon in Cancer – possibly conjunct the US Cancer Sun;
  • Asa Hutchinson: (time unknown) if born in the morning, may have Moon at 21-22 Virgo. Sagittarius Sun conjunct US Sibley chart. Mercury and possibly Moon (if born in the late evening) receiving hard aspects from transiting Neptune.
  • Vivek Ramaswamy: (time unknown) Leo Sun, probably Taurus Moon — and possible receiving the excitement potential of transiting Uranus on that Moon, and in contact with his heavy-thinking Mercury-Saturn square.
  • Chris Christie: we have a newly-discovered birth time!  Virgo Sun; Sagittarius Moon (that, combined with a Mercury-Mars square, reflects his provocative, opinionated style of engagement). Scorpio Ascendant (needs to be see as being in control) now receiving disruptive, fresh start potential of transiting Uranus opposing it. Mars in a Grand Trine with Neptune and Jupiter softens and enables pixie-dusted spin; transiting Pluto on his 29 Libra Venus likely driving current brutal speech about TFG, whom he once supported.
  • the former guy: 23 Gemini Sun, 21 Gemini North Node, 22 Sagittarius Moon, and Sun/Moon midpoint — all engaged with the US Mars-Neptune square! Mercury squares Neptune; Midheaven (his profession/reputation) = Mercury/Neptune midpoint. Is he for real? Absolutely not, but still, some people find him inspiring (as every guru, carnival barker and snake oil salesman needs to be)… evidenced by this focus group of 11 Republican voters talking about tonight’s debate.  They don’t all agree, BTW.
  • The chart for scheduled start of the debate is 8 PM CDT in Milwaukee has 10 Pisces rising; 20 Sagittarius MC, and the latter, of course is right on TFG’s Moon. Thus, astro-logically, even though TFG won’t be there in person, he’ll be all over this debate…and with Mercury at 21 Virgo, talk is likely to challenge his status and reputation (because Mercury is squaring the 20 Sagittarius MC. Clear?) I’ll be listening closely between 8:30 PM and 8:40 PM CDT for egregiously provocative spin, as Mars and Neptune activate all the angles of the debate chart. If there’s a technical glitch, mangled words, miscommunication, or no-shows tonight, it would aptly reflect Mercury’s change of station.

In other news…

Randy Rainbow is also affected by this Mercury retrograde. Here’s a write-up of his horoscope from 2019:

Avid Reader Diane asked if I had seen the new song parody from political humorist Randy Rainbow. This time, he’s mixing the latest developments in the Mueller investigation with the “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago.  It compelled me to investigate the planetary patterns that would manifest such a meticulous and surreal production. Randy Rainbow was born July 6, 1981 — somewhere in Long Island — no birth time available. But the planetary patterns on the day of his birth just make perfect sense! Sun in Cancer driven by a perfectionist Virgo Moon — there’s his need for discernment and exacting detail. His Sun is 14 degrees Cancer, right on the US Cancer Sun and square the US Saturn.  We can see why Mr. Rainbow would be so focused on U.S. politics.

Even more intriguing: Mars at 22 Gemini opposing Neptune at 22 Sagittarius. This suggests showbiz glamour galore — and it is also connected to the horoscope of the U.S. Avid Readers will recall that the U.S. has Mars square Neptune at 21 Gemini and 22 Virgo, respectively. This is the part of the U.S. horoscope that reflects our need for “the American Dream,” and also our idealization (Neptune)  of war, guns, cowboys (all Mars symbols). That Mars-Neptune square reflects one of the U.S.’s most influential exports: Hollywood (glamour, film, celebrities).

But wait — there’s more! Randy Rainbow’s Mars-Neptune oppositions falls exactly on The Donald’s 22 Gemini Sun — 20 Sagittarius opposition. We can see why his provocative imagination would be so inspired by The Donald Drama.  Fun fact: Randy Rainbow’s Cell Block Tango parody was released with transiting Venus at 22 Sagittarius, activating his Mars-Neptune opposition. The Venus transit suggests his social expression may be especially well-received at this time….and here is an astrologer writing about his horoscope and his creative efforts in a positive light right now. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Did you know that your horoscope explains why you might be attracted to a particular entity — be it a place, event or person  — and that it doesn’t matter if that person is dead or alive? If you’re just fascinated with — say — Marilyn Monroe or David Bowie — I bet there are connections between your horoscope and theirs. Astrology applies to every moment in time.

Yesterday, with Mercury at 21 Virgo — activating planets in his horoscope — he posted a new song parody. Astrology. Is. Amazing!

Here is Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card for the Week, ICYMI.


There are so many headlines reflecting this week’s confluence of patterns — for better and for worse.

  • Mars opposing Neptune — saviors, con men, scandal, faith, seduction, fanatics, drugs, lost boys (Neptune dissolves whatever it touches, and Mars refers to men), far-out news, fantastic escapes; viruses, oceans, music and other intangible forms
  • Venus Rx square Jupiter — abundance or excess, especially in RE-evaluated financial and aesthetic concerns
  • Mars trine Pluto — a rush of energy in earthy, practical concerns, easily applied
  • Sun opposing Saturn — cuts, losses & ambitious strategy in matters of state/business leaders; debt, taxes, death


As always, there’s so much more…but hopefully I’ve given you plenty to digest in this last full week of August.

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Mercury retrogrades are excellent times to check in with your astrologer. We will have an excellent discussion together.

Thank you for reading — and supporting — this forecast.





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