Monday 5/15/23: Sneak Peek at the Week; Jupiter Enters Taurus in the Extreme; Volatile Weekend Ahead

Allllrighty then!

It’s official — Mercury is no longer retrograde! It turned direct at 11:16 PM ET on Sunday (last night). You are more personally affected by the turnaround if you have planets or angles around 6 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius…and if that’s you, make a note of ideas that may be stuck in your head this week, because in October, that part of your horoscope will be eclipsed, and the ideas percolating now may be accelerated.

The Sabian Symbol for Mercury’s change of direction sounds constructive. It is “a bridge being built across a gorge,” which does sound like a practical way to make progress on a seemingly insurmountable problem. Let’s see how that plays out in the news this week. Meanwhile, as Mercury gets back up to speed, give yourself time to adjust to the shift, and remember that until the end of the month, we are still in REVIEW mode. Thus, ideas that may have seemed awesome during the Mercury retrograde may be found lacking over the next two weeks.

Highlights of the week are:

  • Mars trines Neptune on Monday
  • Jupiter enters Taurus on Tuesday
  • Jupiter squares Pluto on Wednesday
  • Sun sextiles Neptune on Thursday
  • Mercury sextiles Saturn on Friday
  • New Moon in Taurus on Friday
  • Mars opposes Pluto on Saturday
  • Mars enters Leo on Saturday
  • Sun trines Pluto on Sunday
  • Sun enters Gemini on Sunday

It goes like this:

  • MONDAY: Moon charges into me-me-me Aries at 3:55 AM ET, looking to get something started. A sextile to Pluto at 4:28 AM ET adds depth and power to the assertive drive…with a possibly bewildering or mesmerizing vibe behind it all. I say this because at 9:44 AM ET, Mars — the energy of action — trines Neptune — which refers to dreams, the surreal, and a possibly hypnotic spin. Note that Jupiter — which refers to growth, expansion, and Big Giant Heads — is at the verrrrrry end of Aries today. Matters involving cars, wars and courage may feel as if they’re at a crisis point…or a power play, given the building tension between Jupiter and Pluto. What else could “explain” my miserable encounter with Nefertiti,  a cobalt blue-haired virago/postal clerk who shrieked at me for daring to approach her window without waiting to be called — even though there were no other customers in the building.  Imagine Alice in Wonderland’s encounter with the Red Queen, and you’ll get the idea. All this expansive, in-a-hurry me-me-me Aries energy!
  • TUESDAY: A shift occurs at 1:19 PM ET when Jupiter leaves Aries for Taurus. From now until next May, the energy of expansion seeks its reward in Taurus concerns. Such as? Such as simple joys; building material comfort and security; preserving what we have (e.g., Mother Earth). The right to take up space is likely to be on the table for the next 12 months, and squatters’ rights are likely to demand our focus. Environmentalists will likely have more than a few happy days in court, even as the Powers That Be seek to enact structures that will enable them to hang on to what’s already theirs.
  • WEDNESDAY: The Aries Moon — which was running (its mouth off?) free and clear yesterday — now squares Mars at 5:09 AM ET. You can blame that pattern if you get up on the wrong side of the bed — or you can put that energy to constructive use at the gym.  Moon will be void for the next three and a half hours, suggesting any crisis may be much ado about nothing. Chill — and roll with any twist or flake to your morning routine. At 8:27 AM ET, Moon enters Taurus, now seeking to build something solid and dependable out of all those Moon-in-Aries sparks. Think big — think empowering — as the Moon meets up with Jupiter at 8:47 AM ET and then squares Pluto at 9 AM ET. Work out the inevitable power play or catharsis…and get the word out around 7:26 PM ET, as Moon meets up with Mercury. And the word likely carries much gravitas, as Moon sextiles Saturn less than 30 minutes later. All day today, matters of power, resources and grand plans are likely running through the zeitgeist, reflecting the square between Jupiter and Pluto, exact at 9:10 PM ET. Pluto is in Aquarius, so the square likely relates to airwaves, networks and and expansion of power to the people. There certainly may be an uptick in themes involving leaders (the Sun) and Neptunian concerns — e.g., drugs, spirits of all kinds, oceans, healing, faith, delusions, victims, etc.. This would reflect the cooperative connection (sextile) between Sun and Neptune, exact at 4:59 AM ET on…
  • THURSDAY.  By now, we are in the dark of the Moon — the end of the lunar cycle. There may be a sense of listlessness or restlessness, as we sense a new cycle is around the corner, but we don’t know what it will bring. These days with little light are apt for events you’d prefer to have fly under the radar. Rest assured there are plenty of clandestine meetings afoot. On this day, a harmony (sextile) between the status-quo preserving Taurus Moon and Venus at 5:18 AM ET suggests a sweetness — at least on the surface — and relative calm. Moon travels without  interference for the rest of the day, though a palpable buzz may be experienced — with a surprise — around 7:28 PM ET, when Moon meets up with disruptive Uranus. Cooler heads may prevail, suggested by the sextile between Mercury and Saturn, exact at 2:39 AM ET on…
  • FRIDAY. Note your dreams in the morning, as Moon sextiles Neptune at 9:39 AM ET. At 11:53 AM ET, the New Moon in Taurus officially begins. Light a candle and set your intentions for this new cycle, which offers plenty of forceful, earthy, practical energy to aid your plans for world domination.

Here is the chart for the New Moon in Taurus, set in Washington, D.C.:


  • The New Moon in the 10th house puts a focus on leaders of business and state. At 28 Taurus, the New Moon opposes President Biden’s Scorpio Sun and Venus (his will, values and vitality). It squares VP Harris’ Saturn (authority, ambition and necessary controls). This is an active cycle for both.
  • Mars is at the verrrrrry end of Cancer — in a crisis over defending its (home) turf — and it is likely to be forceful about it — ruthlessly so. I say this because Mars opposes Pluto AND Jupiter. Mars is in the 12th — of big government institutions, hidden adversaries and the self-undoing. It reaches out to the 9th house — of court opinions, foreign affairs, the media and other collective belief systems.
  • Ideas and communication about finances and values (hello, debt ceiling?) are broadcast to all, suggested by Mercury on the Midheaven of this chart.
  • The Sabian Symbol for this lunation is “two cobblers working at a table.” Compare this image to the one for Mercury change of station (explained above), and we have an echo of a need to put something together (here it is cobbling) for the sake of solid footing. Astrologer Blaine Bovee notes that a cobble is also a small stone, and that one destructive potential suggested by this Symbol is for the parties involved to fling stones at each other. Bovee has more to say about the potential challenges here, comparing them to being between a rock and a hard place, with little wiggle room. It’s an interesting Symbol to show up two weeks before the U.S. may run out of cash and not be able to pay its bills. It occurs to me that with Jupiter at 0 degrees of Taurus, it’s sitting right on President Biden’s Moon — and on King Charles’ Moon, too...which leads me to consider that both leaders may have a creative advantage.
  • You are more personally affected by this New Moon if you have planets or angles around 28 Taurus, Leo, Aquarius or Scorpio. Consult your local astrologer for details.

Back to the weekly forecast:

  • FRIDAY [CONT]: The Taurus Moon’s need to preserve material security gets a boost from a sextile to that verrrrrry defensive Mars, exact at 1:50 PM ET. Factor that high-energy into the whole lunar cycle. Moon goes void for an hour — blink and you’ll miss it — and then enters Gemini at 2:47 PM ET. From now through the weekend, the need is to be the smartest, more informed kid in the room — and there will certainly be plenty to talk about. Depth is added to the dialogue, as Moon trines Pluto at 3:19 PM ET.  There’s is something building, building, building…and we’ll be hearing about its release between now and late Saturday night. But first, a reality check, ambitious authoritative advance or loss, as Moon squares Saturn at 2:57 AM ET on…
  • SATURDAY...possibly ending the work week on a sober note. The only two patterns today involve MARS — planet of action, anger and assertion. It ditches Cancer and roars into Leo at 11:31 AM ET. Mars in Leo is a common pattern in the horoscopes of many on the current world stage who are getting away with murder, as the expression goes.  “Getting away with murder” is how the legendary astrologer Grant Lewi described Mars in Leo many years ago. If you want a free upgrade to first class, travel with someone with Mars in Leo. Point is, between now and July 10th, the energy of action and assertion is likely to be expressed in ways that are stubborn, dramatic, fiery and regally entitled — but hey, what a showstopping experience it can be! At 11:11 PM ET, Mars opposes Pluto, with its assertive potential no doubt expanded by its square to Jupiter early next week. If you are running a marathon or a horse race, patterns between Mars and Pluto are godsends, offering potent, enduring force. In the mundane world, Mars-Pluto patterns are often reflected in an uptick in violence, I’m sorry to say.  We can anticipate brutal outbursts involving combat, explosives and firearms, so do be mindful when you’re out and about. You are more personally affected by this forceful pattern if you have planets or angles around 0 degrees of Leo, Taurus, Aquarius or Scorpio.
  • SUNDAY: Sun exits Taurus and enters Gemini at 3:09 AM ET. Clever communication of boatloads of information is what Gemini is designed to do — often while doing several other things at once (to keep from being bored or boring). If Taurus gives form to Aries’s initiatives; Gemini sells what Taurus builds and takes a commission. The Gemini Sun’s vibe receives an empowered boost from its trine to Pluto at 9:58 AM ET. Watch for potent news involving the easy flowing effort of leaders of business and state, as well as power resources of all kinds. Seismic activity and other news from underground may pull focus. A dreamy evening may be in the cards, as Moon squares Neptune at 6:11 PM ET — and then goes void for the next five hours. Cheers! Moon enters Cancer at 11:28 PM ET, perhaps motivating Congress to do something constructive in matters of home and homeland security before they disappear for the Memorial Day weekend.

And now, the news.

Last week there were plenty of dire predictions about the havoc anticipated over the  weekend at the U.S. southern border, as immigration restrictions known as Title 42 were set to expire. But none of those predictions were made by astrologers, because planetary patterns over the weekend were mostly stabilizing (e.g. trines and sextiles), and with Mercury at a virtual standstill in Taurus, a rush would hardly be anticipated. I wouldn’t say that about patterns for this weekend.

Last week’s stabilizing patterns included a trine between Venus and Saturn (women who mean business), with Mercury (communication) in the middle, making a nice cooperative flow to both. Then we had today’s Mars-Neptune trine, and when you think of Neptune dissolving whatever it touches, we can surmise that it would have a dissolving impact on macho Mars expression. Clear?

That’s not to say there weren’t upsets — especially among leaders – and those also showed up roughly on schedule, reflecting last Tuesday’s conjunction of the Sun and Uranus.


  • Jury finds the former guy “liable for battery and defamation in the E. Jean Carroll trial,” to the tune of $5 million dollars. This was no surprise to listeners of Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast, because at the end of April (in episode 35), we told you that according to astrology, E. Jean was likely to prevail. Last week, in episode 37, we told listeners about the astonishing synchronicity of the moment the jury’s verdict was read, compared to the chart for the start of the trial. Astrology. Is. Amazing. No paywall on that episode — so if you’re curious, have a listen!
  • Surprise! George Santos was arrested and charged with 13 counts of fraudulent, criminal activity, including filing for unemployment whilst banking $120K per year from an actual place of employment. We talk about the astrology of that in episode 37, too.
  • “Struck by lightning, my face burned and my memory disappeared. Here’s how I made it back.
  • The biggest ever space explosion has occurred. What do you mean you don’t care?” Throw this week’s t-square among Mars, Pluto and Jupiter into this mix. The “meh” factor could reflect Mars trine Neptune.
  • Stories about astrology were also expected to make mainstream news, as you may recall. The Wall Street Journal, following in the footsteps of the New York Times, ran a lengthy piece about how people are consulting astrologers when making travel plans…and also for electing a favorable location to celebrate a solar return. Yes, I can help you with either of those projects. But WSJ still seems utterly bewildered by the fact that Mercury retrograde “really is a thing, according to NASA.” Did their editors learn nothing of practical use in high school? And what the hell do they mean by a “zodiac craze?” Astrology is not the zodiac. Good grief! But hey — we were expecting a mainstream article, and so thanks, WSJ, for delivering.

This is my favorite Mercury stationary direct in Taurus story, celebrating the wisdom of unplugging from communication channels and being present in the room. Ya know, FOCUSED:

And now, a few stories on Venus trine Saturn, with Mercury in between:

Throw in today’s wiggy Mars-Neptune trine, plus the power and resources of Jupiter square  Pluto and we have:

Mars-Neptune can be kind of sexy, in an aquatic sort of way…or just plain bonkers. For the first possibility (with the patterns noted above):

And for the second possibility:

Mars-Neptune patterns put music in the limelight, and can also be mystical and/or magical:

And finally…oh joy oh Mars trine Neptune joy! Randy Rainbow just dropped a new musical song parody — skewering Ron DeSantis — and there are sequins!! The authoritarian governor of Florida just signed a bill that makes it possible for health care providers and insurers to deny care and claims based on “moral, ethical and/or religious grounds.” Do these people even think these bills through? Based on this bill, it seems that health care providers and insurers could argue that they are permitted to offer care and payments based on “moral, ethical and religious grounds,” amiright? And if you’re wondering what this has to do with astrology — besides reflecting the bonkers potential of current planetary patterns, it reflects the dissolving of boundaries in matters of truth, reality and law. We are likely to see more and more of “reality is whatever I believe it to be” over the next stretch of these interesting times. We talk abou these deep philosophical concepts often in Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast.

And there you have it…for now.

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. We will have a fine discussion together.

Super shout-out to Avid Reader Denise for inviting me to talk about astrology to her meet-up group in New Orleans. I’ll be doing another Zoom talk to a group in South Africa next month. Woot!

Thank you for reading this forecast — and sharing it with friends.

Jupiter in Taurus loves to stop and smell the flowers…and probably eats them, too.



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