Monday 5/22/2023: Sneak Peek at the Week

Alllrighty then!

Greetings from the home office, where I have returned after being away for a weekend wedding. What a joy it is to travel, and here’s to many more trips in the coming months — to destinations presently unknown.


A surge of energy continues in the early part of this week, ending with a likely cooperative connection among unconventional allies, followed by potential cuts and losses over the weekend. The highlights are:

  • Sun sextiles Mars on Monday
  • Mars squares Jupiter on Tuesday
  • Venus sextiles Uranus on Friday
  • Sun squares Saturn on Sunday


  • MONDAY:  Moon is in Cancer, driving the day with a need for emotional, home/homeland and family security. A sextile between Sun and Mars at 1:56 AM ET suggests energetic cooperation and communication, and the Cancer Moon is helpfully supported by easy contacts to Saturn (structure; ambition; authority) and Mercury (ideas; mindset), exact at 12:23 PM ET and 3:07 PM ET. Go for it today, applying the growth-oriented energy of last week’s New Moon. Pushing the boundaries of action, assertion and aggression is a square between Mars and Jupiter, exact at 1:12 AM ET on…
  • TUESDAY. Note that Mars is now in Leo, where it may be stubborn, dramatic and regally entitled. Jupiter is in Taurus, which is equally stubborn. Isn’t it interesting that President Biden met with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Monday? Transiting Jupiter was conjunct Biden’s Taurus Moon on Saturday, suggesting optimism and expansion. On Monday, transiting Mars squared Biden’s Moon, reflecting the likely provocative nature of that pow-wow about the McCarthy clan’s threat to blow up the world economy. If President Biden reads The Guardian, perhaps he will benefit from this hostage negotiator’s helpful tips “that can transform your life!” Meanwhile, back in everyone else’s reality….
  • TUESDAY: begins with a meet-up between Moon and Venus (values, aesthetics, women and money), both highly effective in Cancer. Nourishment and all the comforts of home and family are facilitated and in focus. This conjunction happens at 8:45 AM ET. Innovation and cooperation are suggested by a sextile between the Moon and Uranus at 2:07 PM ET, and I hope this easy flow is experienced in your own personal world.
  • WEDNESDAY: A good day to note your dreams, as Moon trines Neptune at 5:11 AM ET and then goes void for the next five and half hours. You know the Moon void drill: roll with the twists and flakes; stick to routine concerns, and don’t make a mountain our of a molehill of crisis. Take time to chill, if you can. Moon enters Leo at 10:34 AM ET, for better or worse. Leo needs to shine, shine, shine! Now is the time to pay someone a compliment and/or find an appropriate stage upon which to create and play. A Leo Moon facilitates drama kings and queens — for better or worse — and we may hear plenty of royal edicts issued over the next two days. An opposition between the Moon and Pluto at 11:04 AM ET suggests a power play or catharsis — perhaps sparked by those who are howling in indignation over whatever security agreements were reached during the Moon’s sojourn through Cancer. Boundaries are pushed around 2:12 PM ET, as Moon squares Jupiter. A conjunction between Moon and Mars at 3:20 PM ET may raise the heat, though chances are that some of the drama dies around as the Moon sextiles the Gemini Sun at 5:31 PM ET.
  • THURSDAY: The only exact aspect today is a square between Moon and Mercury at 6:11 AM ET. Let the day begin with a stubborn difference of opinion, perhaps, Then, work on working it out. Things may become curiouser and curiouser, as Moon squares Uranus at 2:38 AM ET on…
  • FRIDAY: — surprise, surprise! Challenging connections between Moon and Uranus suggest a shock to the system or revelation that clears the air. On this particular Moon-Uranus challenging connection, the Leo Moon goes void for over 20 hours! Chill, chill, CHILL…though you can bet that some who are not hip to planetary patterns will be howling with indignation. It will be interesting to see if the drama is sound and fury, signifying nothing (it should be, given the Moon void). Plus a sextile between Venus and Uranus, exact at 3:36 AM ET bodes well for reaching across the aisle. In any case, the potential for regal action to find itself between a rock and a hard place may reach a climax around 4:05 PM ET, as Mars in Leo squares the North and South Node. I don’t often write about this pattern, but on this day it feels worth mentioning. For everyone else who wisely took this day off in the United States, hope you’re enjoying a party, wherever you are. At 11:05 PM ET, Moon finally gets focused when it leaves Leo and enters Virgo, seeking to clean up the confetti and put everything back in order.
  • SATURDAY: the day begins with a cheerful connection between Moon and Jupiter, exact at 3:53 AM ET. Midday has its challenges, as the exacting Virgo Moon squares the multitasking Gemini Sun, which prefers to have its cake and eat it, too. The First Quarter Moon at 11:22 AM ET invites us to work the bugs out of our New Moon in Taurus goals for material comfort and security, and we get a sneak peek of something that has to give when Moon opposes wet blanket Saturn at 12:52 PM ET. Word may get out around 11:07 PM ET, as Moon trines Mercury…and another chill — or ambitious authoritarian advance — may drop before daybreak, reflecting the square between Sun and Saturn, exact at 6:46 AM ET on…
  • SUNDAY. In the language of astrology, the Sun refers to leaders of business and state; Saturn refers to death, taxes, debt, structure, strategy and authority. Here are a few headlines from past Sun-Saturn squares.  It’s an apt aspect for Memorial Day commemorations, with an all-inclusive spirit emerging as the day progresses and the Moon connects harmoniously with Uranus at 3:12 PM ET and Venus at 8:19 PM ET.
  • MONDAY…is a holiday in the United States, and another day to note your dreams upon waking, as Moon opposes Neptune at 5:45 AM ET. Chill during the ensuing Moon void. Moon enters Libra at 10:50 AM ET, now seeking fairness and balance in relationships. Depth is added to the discussion and debate, as Moon trines Pluto at 11:12 AM ET. If you’re traveling back from your holiday weekend escape, a sextile between the Moon and Mars at 9:21 PM ET suggests an easy flow. Godspeed!

And now, the news.

For anyone whose horoscope was affected by the April 20th eclipse, last week was likely one of accelerated progress. Why? Because Jupiter and Mars activated all horoscopes with planets and angles close to 29 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn when they passed over the verrrrry last degrees of Aries and Cancer, respectively. It was delightful to hear from the client who emailed me last week to say:

“Hi Elisabeth, I remember you asked me to pay attention to May 16 and 19 couple months ago, and I totally forgot about it. But guess what! I heard back from [dreamy employer] that they are interested in [offering me that dreamy job].”

Isn’t that fun?

As I was typing the forecast last Monday, a 70-page civil suit (linked in this article) against Rudy Giuliani was filed by Noelle Dunphy, who alleges that he hired her in 2019 for a promised $1 million dollar per year salary that never materialized. She was supposed to be his director of business development, but she alleges that he expected her to render services of a most personal and intimate kind. But wait — there’s more! She says she recorded many conversations and promises made, and if so, it would seem he’s due for a wipe-out. “Coincidentally,” this is what we see developing in Giuliani’s horoscope, especially beginning in mid-2024, as transiting Neptune hits all four angles. Oh, but wait — there’s still more! Dunphy alleges that Giuliani told her to be on the look out for people interested in buying presidential pardons for a mere $2 million, which would be — wait for it — split between him and the former guy.

It’s fascinating to note that Ms. Dunphy was hired on a the day of a lunar eclipse, which was also triggered last week by Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. Here’s what was going on back then (January 21, 2019). Even more “coincidental” is that I happened to choose Giuliani’s horoscope as a teaching tool in a class I taught last Sunday. His horoscope positively screams with a desperate need for love, and if you’re interested in hearing more, tune in to episode 38 of Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast, which dropped last Friday.

In other news…

We expected big news of power and resources, reflecting the Big Square between Jupiter — now in green green green Taurus and Pluto in  Aquarius:

Mars at the verrry end of Cancer opposing Pluto is reflected in these stories of ruthless force in matters of life and death (Mars; Pluto), especially with respect to childbirth (Cancer):

In other news…

  • DeSantis’s $13.5m police program lures officers with violent records to Florida.  With transiting Saturn squaring his Mercury-Saturn conjunct in exacting Virgo (translation: an ambitious advance involving a stern and/or narrow mental outlook), it’s no surprise to hear that Ron DeSantis is reportedly planning to announce his run for president this week. He would be thinking BIG, with transiting Mars and Jupiter both making energizing contact (a conjunction and square) to his natal Jupiter (in regally entitled Leo). We don’t have a birth time for DeSantis, but patterns in his horoscope in the spring of 2024 do suggest a more than pleasant period, with increased access to power and resources.

  • Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) announced his presidential run today. We don’t have a birth time for Scott (born Sept 19 1965 in N. Charleston, SC), but we can certainly appreciate his need for an idealized sense of self, with transiting Neptune having just made the first of several oppositions to his Virgo Sun. And gosh darn it, transiting Uranus is opposing his natal Mars-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio. Translation: an assertive act many might call daring or reckless. Speaking of Mars-Neptune, Mike Pence has a square between Mars (in Leo) and Neptune (in Scorpio), both of which will be activated by Mars and Jupiter. Feels like he should be making news over the next two weeks, too.


Now that Mars has entered Leo, it is in a Fixed Sign. In the language of astrology, a planet in a Fixed Sign may suggest a health condition that is chronic. Mars refers to pain. Thus, the timing of this headline is apt: “Scientists discover brain signals for chronic pain.”  This is good news!

The entire NYT Sunday Magazine was sponsored by Saturn in Pisces. Its theme: “Should you be in therapy? (isn’t everyone else?)” As anticipated in this forecast numerous times last year, mental health is being taken seriously.

Well, gosh, golly gee…the headlines from last week aren’t fun and frothy, but neither were planetary patterns. And yet…the wedding I attended  was beautiful, and the hotel was cozy. Springtime flowers were in full bloom, and Lake Michigan sparkled in the sunshine. This reminds of me of a wise coping strategy I read recently — though I can’t recall the source. It has to do with being observant and present wherever you are, and thus able to acknowledge beauty and blessings when you see them. We may not be able to escape our fate according to the patterns in our horoscopes, but we are always able to choose our focus and our thoughts. Be present. Because being present is a gift, doncha know and…hey! Beth Owlsdaughter is back…with an uplifting forecast in her Tarot Card for the Week.

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Thank you for the kind words and the referrals.

And thank you for reading this forecast — and sharing it with friends!

 An elegant place at the table.

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