Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 5/15/2013: Mercury in Gemini

Moon goes void-of-course at 8:14AM ET until 6:38PM ET. So much for getting anything of real consequence accomplished. Chill, take care of what is routine; roll with whatever twists and flakes hamper your efforts to move forward in a straight line and enjoy the down time. When the Moon enters Leo after the void, it’ll be time to party even more — and enjoy a sparkling conversation when Moon makes a supportive connection to mental Mercury at 7:03PM ET.

Speaking of Mercury, it enters Gemini — the sign it rules — at 4:41PM ET. Bring on the quick-thinking charmers who are just loaded with information to share. Some of it may be truly inspired and visionary; some of it may be totally bewildering. I say this because Mercury is fast approaching a challenge to nebulous Neptune, exact at 3:20AM ET on Saturday. It’s a great aspect for creative types, healers and con men — so double check what you hear over the next few days, if you please.

Planetary patterns are light this week, save for the impending third exact hit of rebel Uranus in warrior Aries clashing with nihilistic Pluto in corporate Capricorn — that’s on May 20th. Here’s one of many stories from the reflecting this pattern; the headline says it all: “Uninvited Guest Gives Japan’s Business Culture A Jolt”  — do you get it? Here’s another little event reflecting this pattern: a new game show on CNBC called “Crowd Rules”. Three small business owners — i.e., Aries entrepreneurs who are challenging the idea of working for a large Capricorn corporation — compete to win $50K. True to the vibe of rebel Uranus in Aries, most of these small business owners are courageous, fiercely independent, inspiring and driven by passion — not necessarily profit. That’s pretty quirky — how Uranian is that? As a self-employed person  myself, I actually learned a few things about running a small business from this show. And being self-employed — or self-reliant — as opposed to being dependent on some other entity — is part of the trend suggested by Uranus square Pluto. You don’t have to be on the show to win 50K, btw — CNBC is having a contest for small business owners everywhere — make a video telling them why you deserve the money and you just might win.

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