Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 5/24/2012: Mercury Enters Gemini

Not much to add to yesterday’s forecast except mental Mercury’s shift from stubborn, security-oriented Taurus into flexible information-driven Gemini at 7:12AM ET. Review the posts for this week, paying attention to what’s been written about nebulous Neptune pulling focus.

Re: Mercury in Gemini: on the plus side: all those stick-in-the-mud types may begin to see that there’s another side to a situation — let’s hope it your side. At the very least, they may be willing to engage in a debate about it, even if it’s a theory hasn’t been concretely proven. If the stick-in-the-mud type in question happens to be you, maybe you’ll find yourself willing to consider other points of view. It’s possible that you could be weighing your options for quite some time before making a final decision — Gemini is not a sign known for rushing to make a commitment. That’s because Gemini is nearly always concerned that it doesn’t have enough information.


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