Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 3/12/2014

With the Moon now in regal, playful Leo, spirits are likely lighter than yesterday. An indulgent connection to the Moon from Venus at 9:57AM ET illuminates needs for love and affection. An easy connection to Moon from unconventional Uranus suggests at 9PM ET suggests you may find both in the company of friends….or unconventional types who could become friends. Technogeeks welcome.

The next couple of days are especially good for organizing structures, building stability and planning strategy. Meanwhile, let the record show that the whereabouts of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 remain a baffling, bewildering mystery, as the chart for that flight’s departure at 12:21AM on March 8th in Kuala Lumpur — with nebulous Neptune exactly on the IC (foundation) and squaring the Ascendant (personal projection) — would suggest. Quicksand and fog.

When I first looked at the chart, I immediately noted the ruler is Jupiter in Cancer (very good), and it is in the 8th house (not so good). This suggests death (at worst), danger, transformation — or at the very least, locked away — perhaps being possessed by someone else. The latter possibility feels plausible, given the strength of Jupiter in Cancer.  Some strong signatures of obsession are in this chart, as well as purposeful pixie dust and/or delusion, harshness, extreme effort and/or physical force. The 21st may be a significant date, as well as the weekend, when the Moon enters Virgo and makes contact with many key planets in the chart, especially the unaspected Pisces Sun. We shall see. Fingers crossed…

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