Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 3/11/2014: Heavy Light

Moon continues its sojourn through nurturing Cancer, seeking to fulfill its need for emotional security and sometimes being a little loony about its strategy — as we shall see at approximately 7:30AM ET.  The heavy mental vibe you may feel today — along with many of those depressing headlines — is here courtesy of a 2:14AM ET exact square between Mercury (mind, communication, travel) and controlling Saturn in nitty-gritty karma cop Scorpio. Would you like fries with that?

See yesterday’s forecast for who’s most likely to be affected by the Mercury-Saturn square, and take heart. There’s a smooth flow of energy available in the morning hours, up until around 1PM ET. Get your important stuff done then. At 3:50PM ET the Moon goes void of course on a combative aspect with Mars. Positive potential: a burst of energy, constructively applied. Negative potential: rash behavior that wounds sensitive souls and/or turns a molehill of a problem into a mountain during the Moon void, which does not end until 10:09PM ET. That’s when the Sun comes out — so to speak — as the Moon enters royal Leo, looking for love and applause.

NYT columnist Gail Collins was tuned in early to the heavy news potential of Mercury square Saturn, and she did her best to put her usual chipper spin on the by-now typical headlines reflecting this planetary cycle. Meanwhile, tons of hardcore facts abound in Congress even as I type. Did you know that 28 members of Congress are in the middle of a all-night-long speech-a-thon about the reality of climate change? The Guardian is live-blogging it here….but not the New York Times, which is rather depressing. But as heavy as the topic may be, it does suggest evidence of the “wake-up calls” we can expect as the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square makes another exact hit in April…

And now, just ’cause…and as a public service…a news item about a probable connection between your gut and disease. Food for thought — on a day with Moon in nurturing Cancer — why not?

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