Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 1/15/2014: Full Moon in Cancer

Hump Day, indeed!

The Cancer Moon is waxing full — exact at 11:52PM ET — where it will oppose the earthy Capricorn Sun. How will the need for emotional security be fulfilled, given the ambitious reach of the past two weeks, when you launched your New Moon agenda? The Cancer Moon refers to nurturing, including motherhood. The Capricorn Sun refers to more patriarchal concerns, such as business. How fascinating to see an article posted this morning entitled “Moms In Survival Mode as U.S. Trails the World on Benefits”.

Did you know that of 185 nations, only the U.S. and Papua New Guinea do not provide or require paid maternity leave? Check out the article linked above for some interesting remedies going on in California, New Jersey and Rhode Island…

This soft grey is brought to you by the light of the silvery Moon in Cancer, encouraging you to honor your need for emotional security. A personal astro-logical consultation can offer comfort and support.

A Cancer Full Moon suggests especially sensitive and overflowing emotions, from the cranky and crabby to the sublimely tearful and sentimental. A challenge to the Moon from Mars this morning (ET) favors the crabby side; as the day progresses, more realistic controls may kick in, courtesy of a helpful support from disciplined Saturn just after lunch (ET). Right after the Moon’s fullness is exact at 11:52PM ET, it goes void with a long sigh, not to enter the next sign — Leo — until 8AM ET on Thursday. If you happen to work in an ER, you could be in for a particularly loopy night of upsets and twists, given the Full Moon fallout.

Keep in mind that a challenging aspect between Venus (women) and Mars (men) is in effect now and will be exact Thursday at 12:13PM ET. Read yesterday’s forecast for thoughts on that — and I’ll just remind you again to mind your manners. Another pattern that will be exact early Friday morning is a cooperative connection between mental Mercury and inventive Uranus, suggesting you pay attention to your brainstorms between now and then.

Last but not least, this headline reflecting the conflicting interests of big business (Capricorn) and homeland security (Cancer) just hit the wires: Wikileaks has just released a draft of the environmental section of the continuing secret secret secret negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership…which, I’ll then counter with the always cheerful, ever-hopeful Good News Network


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