Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 1/16/2014: Full Moon Fallout

Moon enters sunny, dramatic Leo at 8AM ET, perhaps stoking the fires of whatever passions might be on your agenda, courtesy of the day’s only exact aspect: the square between retrograde Venus in enterprising, status-conscious Capricorn and action hero Mars in relationship-focused Libra. Play ardently, and do something positive with that supercharged energy…or something positively physical, especially if you have a planet or angle at 18 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.

Don’t know where your planets are? I’ll be happy to email you a computer-generated Astro-Basics Report, which will give you house placements of the planets, what sign and degree they are in, as well as the aspects between them. For each placement you’ll get a little bit of descriptive text on what having Venus in Virgo, for example, “means”. That way when you read this daily forecast and see that a transit is most likely to affect someone with a planet at — say — 6 degrees of Pisces,  you will know if it applies to you. The report is not a substitute for the in-depth guidance and synthesis you’ll receive in a personal consultation, but if you are interested in knowing exactly where your planets are in astrological terms, you will find this report helpful.

To get the report 1) make an $18 donation; and 2) email me your birth data. I will e-mail you the report within 24 hours.

After all the build-up to last night’s Full Moon, the Leo Moon suggests a need for celebration and appreciation. Let yourself shine — and shine some of that love on others, too.  I challenge you to defy the potential pitfalls of the Venus-Mars square by paying someone a compliment. Maybe write your congressional representative, and tell them how positively thrilled you are that they got into the flow of the New Moon’s proactive push, and actually passed a budget yesterday. Does it matter if the 1500+ page bill was released just two days ago, suggesting few people actually read it? Is that a rhetorical question? Probably, since I am typing this during a Moon void…

Meanwhile, in a country far, far away (Iceland)…a follow-up to an unconventional approach taken by this small island nation in response to a ginormous fiscal crisis sheds Full Moon illumination on Cancer-Capricorn themes of homeland/emotional security needs vs. the needs of big business (in this case, big banks). Instead of bailing out its financial institutions, Iceland forced them to go under. How are they doing now? And how will you think outside the box on a day when a cooperative connection between mental Mercury and rebel Uranus (exact after midnight on Friday ET) favors breakthroughs and other innovations? Write those ideas down over the next couple of days…

This golden hue is brought to you by the Moon in regal Leo. Have a sunny day!


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