Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 9/27/2011: New Moon in Libra

Light a candle and focus your intentions for the New Moon cycle, which begins with the Sun and Moon at 4 degrees of Libra, sign of fairness, balance, justice and relationship at 7:09AM ET. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A group around a campfire.” If you’ve never gathered around a campfire with other souls,  perhaps you’ve gathered around a fireplace or even a flickering candle. There’s a wonderful sense of communion in such gatherings — and often a song or two, even if it’s just “Happy Birthday to You” or “Kumbaya”.  Into the flames we gaze, hoping, feeling — what? That we can go deeper? Into a greater intimacy? That we can stop all this petty bickering and be at peace with each other — starting with ourselves? What connection do you feel when you look into a fire? Do you lose your sense of self? Does it make you feel calm? A sense of power? Hmmm….

This lunar cycle can bring much illumination to our need to connect with like-minded souls.  How much of yourself are you willing to give up in order to make that connection? Too much? Too little? Around a fire, everyone is nearly always equal. How does that feel?

Planetary patterns in this New Moon are highly charged. Sun and Moon are challenged by the continuing drama of rebel Uranus squaring “resistance is futile” Pluto. A change in perspective in your relationships is suggested, fueled by a flash of insight reflected in Mercury (mind, communication) in an idealistic, yet potentially ingenious contact with Uranus.  Wow! Newsflash! Film at 11.

A sobering, sometimes chilly (on the downside), sometimes graceful and wise (on the plus side) hook-up between loving Venus and disciplined Saturn raises the bar on our needs and expectations. Why settle?  Why indeed. With Neptune running wild in the New Moon chart, the desire for a rose-colored world is reinforced. Take note of your thoughts — and dreams —  in meditation on this powerful day. If you’ve been feeling unattached, listen for cues on how to create a deeper sense of belonging, even if it means following an unconventional path.

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