Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 8/31/2011: Jupiter Turns Retrograde

A brief forecast for today — I’m still in vacation mode — have only scanned the headlines over the past week. Everyone needs a break now and then!

A waxing Moon is in Libra, a sign associated with rational thought, balance and harmony, especially in relationships. The general mood this week is one of resourcefulness and optimism, suggested by potent contacts between loving Venus, Jupiter, the cosmic sugardaddy and regenerative Pluto.  What kinks could come your way?  A restrictive connection between disciplined, “wet blanket” Saturn and the Moon at 2:43Pm ET…followed by a highly-charged challenge between aggressive Mars and the Moon and 8:28PM ET. Add to this the aforementioned cosmic sugardaddy turning retrograde yesterday at 5:18PM. Jupiter retrograde suggests that projects may not expand as quickly as you might like, among other things. As I’m typing this, the headlines are dominated by news of a lawsuit (related to Jupiter & Libra) filed by the Dept of Justice (Libra) to prevent a 40 billion dollar merger between AT & T and T-Mobile, scuttling AT & T’s plans for expansion (Jupiter retrograde)   Fascinating!

To recap: overall, a general mood that is optimistic to downright jubilant, even if you’re still digging yourself out of the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Irene (it may not be a bad as you thought it would be).

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