Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 6/7/2011: Congressman Anthony Weiner

Angelenos, you could probably get away with sleeping late today. A self-indulgent challenge to Moon from loving Venus is exact at 8:27AM PDT, at which time Moon goes void in royal Leo until 12:33PM PDT. If you encounter a twist to your morning routine, a crisis of “sound and fury, signifying nothing”; a general feeling of aimless wandering or other lack of focus, blame the void. Or blame yourself for not taking advantage of a natural break in the usual push forward. Voids are a good time to chill, brainstorm or just be present.

New Yorkers, you might enjoy an especially long lunch — how about a picnic in a park?

At 12:33PM PDT/3:33 EDT Moon moves into perfectionist Virgo, where it will spend the next two days trying to get the facts exactly correct and precise. A supportive, practical connection between Mercury (mind, travel, communication) and disciplined Saturn fights to keep us down-to-earth and focused. However, while the mind may strive to be focused, emotions may lean toward expansion and/or escape. Perhaps you can plan logistics for your August vacation (Mercury will be retrograde then).

Meanwhile, a slow news day yesterday, as Congressman Anthony Weiner held a press conference to announce that yes, he did send allegedly lewd pix of himself to a number of women who are not his wife. Weiner, born Sep 4, 1964 in Brooklyn (birth time unknown) is an allegedly discriminating Virgo with Moon in Leo, suggesting an enormous…need to be loved and adored. This need is either running wild in the horoscope, or augmented by an expansive connection to Jupiter in sensual Taurus. But if the Moon isn’t connected to that expansive, sometimes expensive Jupiter, a sexy hook-up between loving Venus and rarin’ to go Mars definitely is.Add to the Virgo Sun a magnetic connection with ruthless Pluto and a brilliant aspect between rebel Uranus and techno-geek Mercury and you’ve got a guy with a lot of pizzazz. You’ve also got a guy who isn’t afraid to take risks, and in fact, arguably needs to do so.

What’s going on in Weiner’s chart now? Nebulous Neptune (unreal) is exactly on Weiner’s Saturn (real), suggesting “depression, losing focus and a sense of being wronged,” according to master astrologer Noel Tyl. Ahhhh…so that’s why Weiner initially stated that his Twitter account had been hacked, eh? Neptune dissolves whatever it touches. If it’s in touch with Saturn, which represents structure, authority, reality and ambition, reality can feel a bit like quicksand. And this aspect will be prominent in Weiner’s life well into 2012. Also of note w/in the past two weeks: rebel Uranus making contact with Venus (women, social expression), suggesting more than a bit of disruptive excitement in those areas. And of course, Uranus refers to technology, including Twitter. Coincidence or conspiracy?

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