Astro-logical Forecast for Sunday-Monday 7/3-4 2011: A Reader Questions the Void

Moon entered sunny, regal, fiery Leo on Saturday at 5:43PM ET, no doubt looking for a party or other festive activity (it’s a holiday weekend here in the US). How did it fare against the “wet blanket” influence suggested by the challenge from restrictive Saturn to the Sun (at 8:18PM ET). This was the last exact aspect of the  potentially disruptive, explosive and otherwise catalyzing Grand Cross that has been active all last week (see prior forecasts for details).  Did serious, responsible thoughts about a needed change of status — or reach for ambition — cross your mind yesterday, even as you indulged in another brew or two? Let’s hope the US Senate, which has given up its holiday recess to continue working on the deficit crisis, is successful in its efforts to act responsibly.

An anticipated, we saw serious headlines regarding resources (oil, mines, radiation, banks). A ruptured pipeline dumps oil into the Yellowstone River, a new era of transparency in the World Bank and a stunning move by two major banks to adjust mortgages — just to name a few.

Moon goes void today  at 12:26PM ET — not to enter the next sign, Virgo, until 9:15PM ET on Monday. It’s a lovely set up for a long holiday weekend, suggesting an opportunity for celebration and relief from the intensity suggested by last week’s patterns. But what if you’re not free to play during the void? A reader writes as follows:

•    “With an unusually large amount of void moons coming over the next two weeks – all of which are over 25 hours long – I am at a loss as to how to handle it. I can’t just shut down and very little of my time is routine. Any suggestions? Would it be a good time to do any research or to pursue general knowledge regarding my pursuits, for example?

First, excellent question. Second, a very wise astrologer once said  that the answer to any question is often contained within it. So yes, dear reader, research is one way to make productive use of a Moon void; it falls into the category of “brainstorming”, where you are free to wander off the beaten path without consequence. In such times you may encounter a twist that puts your original project in a whole new light. Go with the flow!

Here’s how my day unfolded last Friday, when the Moon was void of course all day in Cancer. For the past few weeks, I’ve been on assignment at a TV news network. Obviously TV networks don’t shut down to accommodate natural rest periods suggested by the planets. What, then, could I anticipate? First, I anticipated that there would be a change in the work I usually did. In fact, the spot I usually produce was canceled. I was given another project, which initially looked like it was going to require a lot of unnecessary work. Since I was aware of the void, I was confident that this mountain of detail would eventually be reduced to a molehill. And that’s what happened.

What’s key here is my reaction to the events that were presented. I went with the flow. I didn’t get all crankypants about the original scope of the project; I knew it would sort itself out; it did, and I was able to leave two hours early and get a relaxing pedicure. The unexpected twist to the day was a catered lunch for the whole department (free food when the Moon is in Cancer — oh joy!), made even sweeter because I hadn’t had time to pack a lunch that day, which I usually do.

As reported earlier this week, a Moon void did not go as well for journalist Mark Halperin, who wanted to depart from the normal routine patter on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” He asked if the seven-second delay was on, so he could speak frankly without being broadcast. The producer confirmed that the delay was on. Oops! Unexpected twist!!  Here’s what happened

It is pragmatic, if you follow astrological guidelines, to avoid scheduling events you wish to be of consequence during Moon voids. Like being sworn in as President of the United States. Many astrologers have had a field day bemoaning Obama’s inauguration occurring during a void — fretting in the fall of 2008 that his term of office would be plagued by fits and starts, and that he would not be able to accomplish much of significance. What do you think? As for an unexpected twist, you may recall Chief Justice Roberts bungling the Oath of Office
But don’t just take it from me. As Yogi Berra once said, “you can observe a lot just by watching.” So do your own research. Watch what happens during Moon voids and decide for yourself if the astrological rules apply.

While the Moon may not be fully engaged over the next two days, other planets are. Brilliance and innovative thinking is encouraged by an easy connection between rebel Uranus and Mercury (mind, communication). Beauty and spirit are suggested by an equally easy connection between rose-colored Neptune and Venus (social expression, love and money). Artists, visionaries and healers — rejoice!

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