Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 5/5/2015

As of 7:13AM ET Moon will be fully engaged in Sagittarius, suggesting opportunities to state your opinion and broaden your horizons. Go for a gamble or a gambol; entertain a different point of view. Around lunchtime ET – 12:38PM – a Moon-Saturn meet-up may dim the lights a bit (downside) or force you to get real about an especially buoyant aspiration (potential upside).  Adapt and move on….there’s another debate scheduled around 6:32PM ET, when the Moon is challenged by Mercury in clever Gemini. Then you can party like it’s Cinco de Mayo…which in fact, it is.

And now, the news.

Coming off of yesterday’s indulgent, potentially excessive challenge between Sun in mine-mine-mine Taurus and Jupiter in party on (royally) Leo, how interesting to see this article about the wild parties at Davos — an exclusive, PTB event that happens in January. Coincidence or conspiracy? No coincidence of timing I’m sure, given the easy alignment that’s exact at 3:08AM ET on Wednesday between the Sun and power broker Pluto.

And while I’ve got wretched excess and glamor on my mind, check out the couture on display at Monday night’s Costume Institute gala at the Met.

There will be plenty of upheavals and power plays to report tomorrow.

Take it away, David Bowie

Thank you for reading this forecast — and forwarding it to the Entire Free World.

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