Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 8/1/2011

On a day with Uranus (the space program) in pioneering Aries and Jupiter both making prominent connections, how cool is it to see this headline: “Juno to Circle Jupiter for Planetary Recipe”

A busy start to the work week began with a harmonious connection between humanitarian, unconventional Uranus and loving Venus. Can we all be friends? The weirder, the better. That’s the Uranus connection. At 10:43 AM ET Jupiter challenges the Sun, suggesting the potential for the expensive and the expansive, a wildly optimistic idea, general good cheer or ego-aggrandizement and royal pains. You choose!

Moon in perfectionist Virgo will have its plate full sorting out all the details, trying to make everything exactly correct. And this on a day with Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo, stationary retrograde, suggesting that whatever grand plan is signed, sealed and delivered may have a few glitches upon further review. That’s my take on this debt ceiling agreement, allegedly being presented today.

But getting back to the general good cheer, Mercury retrograde notwithstanding. This week does hold potential for visionary, charismatic types, as suggested by a harmonious connection to Mars from nebulous Neptune. The aggressive nature of Mars is softened by Neptune, which may well aid you in whatever New Moon project you’re launching. It can be downright magical.  It can also tempt you to buy into a con man’s scheme, so do your due diligence if you stumble across something that seems too good to be true.

Moon goes void at 7:38PM ET, not to enter Libra until 6:04AM Wednesday. On Tuesday Mercury officially goes retrograde at 11:50PM ET. Take it slow. Double check for accuracy. Note the probability for twists, flakes, red herrings and communication snafus is increased. When in doubt, chill out.

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