Monday 3/16/2020: Sneak Peek at the Week; Eclipse Triggers; Goodbye Pisces, Hello Aries

It’s Monday…and the Moon went void in Sagittarius, after it squared the Sun at 5:34 AM ET. This is the Third Quarter Moon, suggesting a challenge integrating whatever illumination was received during last week’s Full Moon. We expect tension released and possibly running away with the morning during the void, which won’t end until 12:25 PM ET, when the Moon enters Capricorn.

A Capricorn Moon needs to take care of business, and this need will be well-supported by other planets for the next two days. We need to consider a shift that happened at 3:43 AM ET, however. That’s when Mercury — now moving forward — re-entered Pisces, where it will be until April 11th. So here we go again — with mindset and communication that needs to be more aligned with beliefs and intuition, as opposed to rational thought, facts and figures.  The rest of the week goes like this:

  • TUESDAYMoon in Capricorn‘s need to Make Things Happen is supported by several patterns. Two are immediate, and three others will be exact on Thursday and Friday. The immediate patterns are an easy alignment with Venus (money, values, women, art) at 1:31 PM and another with Neptune (vision, ideals) at 11:37 PM ET.
  • WEDNESDAY — is intense. Moon meets up with aggressive Mars at 4:22 AM ET, then Jupiter at 6:47 AM ET. Action in a BIG way — no matter how it feels. At 10:53 AM ET Moon meets up with Pluto, suggesting a focus on planting seeds involving power and purging. Moon sextiles the Sun….now at the verrrrrry end of Pisces (which can feel like the End of the World — BUT IT’S NOT). We’re going to see news about political and business leaders become more prominent over the next few days, as the Sun approaches the first degree of Aries — a.k.a. the Vernal Equinox a.k.a. the Aries Point). At 8:48 PM ET Moon meets up with Saturn, suggesting a focus on planting seeds involving streamlining, ambition, structure and control. Moon then goes void and enters Aquarius at 9:16 PM ET.
  • THURSDAY — The Aquarius Moon needs to network and be of social significance, considering the uniqueness of every part of the whole of humanity. This need may be rattled around 6:04 AM ET, when it is squared by rebel Uranus. Moon travels without interference for the rest of the day, though I wonder how its humanitarian needs may be affected by the Sun (leaders) sextiling Saturn (patriarchy, authority, structure) at the verrrrrry end of Powers That Be Capricorn. Perhaps the airlines — or other businesses — will get a bailout, with no consideration for independent contractors and other workers in the gig economy. Whatever cooperative initiative we see, it’s likely to be prominent, as the Sun enters Aries at 11:50 PM ET. Happy Astrological New Year!

A pause, while we examine the chart for the Aries Ingress (the technical term for the moment the Sun enters Aries). The Aries Ingress set in the capital of a particular country offers a three-month prognosis. Here it is for Washington, DC:

You do not have to be a professional astrologer to notice a lot of stuff jam-packed in the piece of the cosmic pie chart that is labelled “2” (technical term for that piece of the cosmic pie chart is the Second House). Knowing that astrology is a symbolic language, you then wonder what the Second House symbolizes. Answer: money, values and self-worth. That’s the focus for the United States for the next three months, or — to quote the 1992 political campaign slogan, “It’s the economy, stupid.”  This is especially true with respect to corporate and government entities, as all of that Second House “stuff” is in Capricorn, tightly focused and planting seeds, perhaps in a “last-gasp” effort to fortify their needs.

An example of the PTB fortifying their needs: Moscow Mitch’s top priority this week isn’t passing the Families First Act, which would help the 99%. Instead, he’s pleading with veteran federal judges to quit now, so he can oversee all of their replacements.

Back to the chart:

Mars is one of the planets in the Second House, functioning with high-efficiency in Capricorn. Mars is minutes away from an exact meet-up with Jupiter (expansion, abundance, braggadocio, benevolence), also in Capricorn — which is considered a detriment. If you want a reward, you either have to work for it, or have a reserved place at the Cool Kids Table by virtue of your status.

If those observations seem harsh, we can be heartened by the placement of the Part of Fortune (a point that symbolizes luck). It is strong and it is in the 2nd House. Also consider that the Moon in this chart is in Aquarius, and happily placed in the Third House, where it may effectively think and communicate. The Moon represents the people, and in this chart the Moon co-rules the 8th House of shared values, alternative healing, regeneration and joint investments. The Moon is challenged by a high-functioning Venus (money, women, values). One of the areas Venus refers to in this chart is health/disease.

The Aries Ingress begins ten minutes before midnight, long after the Sun has set. The Aries Sun is strong in the 4th House, but hidden from view. Thus we conclude that there will be a ton of machinations going on that will also be hidden from view. Plus, the 4th House is occupied by Neptune — facilitating fog.

The 10th House represents the leader of a nation. Here, the ruler of the 10th is Mercury, flying by the seat of its pants in “I have a feeling about this” Pisces. Mercury is the other ruler of the 8th House, and in a best-case scenario, the leader would work cooperatively with the people about shared investments. Worst-case, it’s a tug of war. We see that the path to maximum growth is by meeting the needs of the North Node in Cancer in 8th — i.e., providing nourishment and emotional home/family security. Sharing is caring.

Back to the forecast for the week:

  • FRIDAY – the first full day of the Astrological New Year begins with that Moon-Venus square at 5 AM ET. Feed the world; don’t overindulge! Moon then goes void for almost 28 hours. Whatever big initiatives (more likely to be controls) come out today, reflecting the supercharged Get It Done desire of Mars meeting up with Jupiter at 7:35 AM ET, CHILL!!! Crises which crop up during voids are likely much ado about nothing. Stick to routine concerns — or feel feel to wander from your planned course without consequence. Draft a book proposal. Take a walk. Pick up the phone and talk to people — or set up a friendly Zoom gathering with your best buddies.
  • SATURDAYMoon enters Pisces at 8:33 AM ET, facilitating empathy and ideals. That kind of thinking may end the day, as Moon meets up with Mercury at 4:29 PM ET and harmonizes with Uranus at 5:51 PM ET. And then, at 11:57 PM ET, Saturn (control, authority) dips its toes into the airwaves of Aquarius (the masses, aviation, astrology, technology).
  • SUNDAY — Another argument for innovative thinking, fueled by benevolent idealism is Mercury (how we need to think) sextiling Uranus at 9:18 AM ET. The end of the day favors intense beauty, as the Moon sextiles Venus and Neptune, which are sextile (harmonizing) with each other — and it all happens between 10:36 PM and 11:09 PM ET. Some enchanted evening! The intensity reflects Mars (desire, action, aggression), which meets up with Pluto (resistance is futile) at 1:16 AM ET. I expect we’ll see plenty of results of that nine months from now.

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[Cue theme from Jeopardy! now, please]

And now, the news.

Here in the U.S., the impact of the coronavirus was felt like a bottleneck of energy suddenly let loose. Headlines reported actual bottlenecks of travelers awaiting hastily thrown together screening procedures at airports across the country. The Fed slashed interest rates again, hoping to maintain Friday’s market gains — and markets plummeted. Here in New York, many businesses are on a two-week hiatus; schools have closed. Other dense urban areas are following suit. We have reached a point of no return. Our way of life is forever changed.

“Bottleneck” should be a familiar term to Avid Readers. That’s how eclipses operate, in the language of astrology. We had two potent eclipses — one at 4 Capricorn on December 26th, and the other at 20 Capricorn on January 10th. Thus, Avid Readers were advised to mark mid-March in your calendars, as Jupiter would be at 20 Capricorn on March 3rd and Mars would be at 20 Capricorn on March 16th — today! Search the archives for “mars triggers eclipse” or “eclipse triggers” and you will find examples of ginormous bottlenecks released in the aftermath of past eclipses. Meanwhile, the South Node (a point of toxic release/destruction) is at 4 Capricorn, activating the December 26th eclipse.

Everyone understand how this operates? For those of you who ordered personal insights on how these eclipses would manifest for you in December and January,  drop me line and tell me what’s happening.

With respect to the “point of no return” we’re experiencing in the U.S., I found this Slate op-ed of interest, as it calls out some of the absurd rules we meekly follow, believing they are of importance. These rules have been tossed out the window in the current crisis — and perhaps they need never return, too. Astrologically speaking, we are absolutely moving into a new way of doing and being.


Just looked at the headlines after two hours of writing. Breaking news: “airlines ask taxpayers for $50 billion bailout to cover losses of coronavirus.” The counterargument to that request is the subject of a NYT op-ed.

In other news, Europe is closing its doors to foreign travel.

Oh, look — three UK airlines are now grounded — with more likely to come.

In France, the health minister says that anti-inflammatories are aggravating for the coronavirus infection. Don’t use them.  That’s an interesting reflection of Mars (inflammation) meeting up with Jupiter (which rules the lungs).

Meanwhile, there was a debate last night between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. I did not watch it, because I was busy cleaning out my linen closet and making an easy-peasy pasta dish with a can of white beans, butter, shallots, white wine and white wine vinegar — and so delish!  However, it seems that Biden was declared the winner of the debate, on a day with the ruler of his Midheaven in a favorable alignment with symbols representing the public.  Also exact yesterday: a solar arc between Saturn (ambition) and Venus (women, values). Here’s what he said:

“There are a number of women who are qualified to be president tomorrow, and I will pick a woman as my vice-president.”

Are we surprised?

Wash  your hands. Avoid large crowds. Look for silver linings.

Even though late-night comedy shows are now on hiatus (here’s John Oliver’s last one from last night), celebrities filled in the gap over the weekend with helpful coping strategies, no doubt inspired by the sextile between crusading Mars and magical, musical Neptune. Here is Arnold Schwarzenegger (and his tiny horses). Here is Randy Rainbow’s latest. Here is the entire NYT Sunday Magazine — the music issue. And here are a bunch of inquisitive penguins featured in this story: “With Aquarium Closed to the Public, Penguins Roam Around and Interact with Other Animal Pals”  Shirley MacLaine doesn’t do video, but she does send out a newsletter every two months that is always packed with helpful and hopeful things.

Finally, I was supposed to go to DC at the end of the month to teach at the Empowered Astrology Conference. We won’t be meeting in person — alas — but we’re going to hold it online. Silver lining: many more people can soak up the superb astrological insights that will be offered by stellar graduates of Noel Tyl’s masters’ course for astrologers. Here’s the 411 on the conference, if you’d like to Zoom in.

And don’t forget to email me as described earlier in the forecast if you’d like to order personalized insights on Saturn in Aquarius — and what it means for YOU.

Thank you for reading this forecast and sharing it with friends.

Special thanks to Crawford Jolly on Unsplash

for this whimsical photo signifying the spirit

of the last few days of the Sun in Pisces.



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